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Certified Public Manager


Certified Public Manager Program

Developing today's public leaders through CPM

In an effort to maintain Iowa's high level of commitment to its citizens, the State of Iowa, in partnership with Drake University, offers a nationally accredited Certified Public ManagerĀ® (CPM) program.

CPM is an intensive learning experience designed for supervisors, managers, executives, management staff, and project managers from federal, state, county, and local governments. The program includes discussion, traditional classroom experiences, and on-line learning. Participants also complete one job-related team project, which gives them the opportunity to apply theories, principles, and/or techniques learned in the CPM program to a situation, problem, concern, or opportunity in a public organization.

Applications for CPM can be downloaded.

More Information:

CPM Cohort 31 to start January, 2019!

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Read the CPM FAQ for answers to these common questions and more:

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  • I manage a program, not people. Would I get anything out of the program?
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  • I already have my Master's degree. Why would I want to do CPM too?
  • The cost seems high. Are there any payment plans available?