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Certified Public Manager

Certified Public Manager Program


Developing today's public leaders through CPM

In an effort to maintain Iowa's high level of commitment to its citizens, the State of Iowa, in partnership with Drake University, offers a nationally accredited Certified Public Manager® (CPM) program.

CPM is an intensive learning experience designed for supervisors, managers, executives, management staff, and project managers from federal, state, county, and local governments. The program includes discussion, traditional classroom experiences, and on-line learning. Participants also complete one job-related team project, which gives them the opportunity to apply theories, principles, and/or techniques learned in the CPM program to a situation, problem, concern, or opportunity in a public organization.

Applications for CPM can be downloaded here.


New Cohort Begins in September!

The next CPM cohort begins September 14th, 2020.   We are fully committed to offering this new cohort in a virtual/online format until the COVID-19 crisis has normalized.  It is anticipated that the cohort will begin in a virtual/online format, then move to face-to-face classes held at the Drake campus in the late fall of 2020 or spring of 2021.  Graduation will occur December 8, 2021.

What do I need from a technology perspective?  CPM is a very engaging experience whether offered virtually or face-to-face on the Drake campus.  Since major elements of this CPM cohort will take place online, we ask that each CPM learner have access to a computer or device with an internet connection plus a microphone and camera to allow virtual engagement with others in real-time.  If that resource is not available to you, please contact

  • Interested in the schedule for CPM 34? Here it is.


Interested in more information?

Visit Drake University website:

Visit the National Certified Public Managers website:

Read the CPM FAQ for answers to these common questions and more.


New! Updated CPM Class Schedules:

       CPM 33 schedule


       to the graduates of Cohort 30 - Winter 2019:
The 30th cohort class of professionals completed the 18-month curriculum and now hold the nationally recognized professional designation Certified Public Manager┬«

Cohort 30 consisted of: Kristy Anderson, Iowa Department of Transportation;  Debra Arp, Iowa Department of Transportation; Samantha Askland, Iowa Finance Authority; Sarah Boese, Polk County Board of Supervisors;  Chander Natarajan OCIO; Amanda Chung, Iowa State University; Jeffrey Paul De Vries, Iowa Department of Transportation; Robert J. Fox, City of Des Moines Fire Department; Kelly Fredericks, Iowa Department of Administrative Services; Ksenia Gardino-Hammerberg, Iowa Finance Authority; Colleen Goddard, Iowa Professional Licensing Board;  Patrick Houlihan, City of Des Moines Fire Department; Steve Kinney, OCIO; Scott Kleppe, City of Solon;  Brenda Lee Kramer, Iowa Department of Transportation; Eric Lack, Iowa Department of Transportation;  Lolani Lekkas, Commerce-ABD; Emily J. McMahon, Des Moines Area Regional Transit; Melissa R. Miller, Iowa Dept. of Veterans Affairs; Susanne Morgan, Iowa Department of Transportation; Nick Nissen, City of Mount Vernon; Elizabeth Keest Sedrel, Iowa College Aid; Brett J. Toresdahl, Iowa Public Information Board; Shawn Steven VanHoozer, Polk County Sheriff's Office; Nancy Wheelock, Iowa Department of Administrative Services.