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December 2023 

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State of Iowa Benefits


Five Great Reasons to Give Doctor on Demand® a Try

Now, more than ever, we’re able to accomplish everyday tasks and errands on our cell phones or tablets. With Doctor on Demand, you can even visit with a board-certified physician with just the click of a button. Read Wellmark’s Five Reasons Why You Should Give Virtual Visits a Try: Care at Your Fingertips to learn more about this handy alternative to in-person doctor visits.

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WorkSmart with Workday

Make Sure Your Address is Up to Date in Workday!

Please log into Workday and check your home address to make sure it is correct. Any changes to your address must be made in Workday prior to December 21 to help avoid issues with your 2023 W-2 and 1095. 

Elect Electronic W-2s for Tax Year 2023

As we head into the 2023 tax season, employees are encouraged to elect electronic W-2 forms in Workday instead of receiving them by mail. Electronic W-2s offer several benefits, including earlier access to the document, convenient access and storage, and enhanced security of your personal information.

To ensure your electronic W-2 election is recorded before W-2 forms are printed and mailed, please update your preferences by January 1, 2024. Once selected, paper W-2s will not be mailed unless consent is revoked in a future tax year. 

Refer to the W-2 Smart Guide or Electronic W-2s - Screenshots for instructions. If you have questions about this information or need Workday assistance, please submit a WorkSmart Support ticket.


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Health and Well-Being

New Livongo Diabetes Management Program Coming in January

Beginning January 1, eligible employees will be able to participate in the Livongo Diabetes Management Program. This free program makes living with diabetes easier by providing you with a connected blood sugar meter, unlimited test strips, and coaching.

This program is designed to help those age 13 and older who have been diagnosed with type-1 or type-2 diabetes and is completely voluntary. Watch for additional information coming soon!

Voluntary Vision Insurance Open Enrollment Begins January 1

State of Iowa employees have an opportunity to elect vision insurance through the State of Iowa’s Voluntary Insurance Program. The State offers post-tax payroll deductions to pay your vision insurance premiums directly to the insurance carrier. 

Open enrollment for vision insurance starts on January 1, and runs through February 28, 2024. Elections made during this open enrollment period are effective April 1, 2024. If you are currently enrolled in the voluntary vision insurance, you do not need to re-enroll unless you want to make a change.

You have two different insurance program options: Avesis and EyeMed/Delta Vision (Insight Network). Information about these voluntary vision plans is available at Questions regarding the vision plans should be directed to World Insurance Associates at

Please note: The State of Iowa does not endorse or sponsor any voluntary vision insurance provider, or the products and services they provide, and assumes no responsibility for any purchases or disputes between individual employees and the vendors. All arrangements are strictly between the employee, as a consumer, and the insurance company.

Do Tools to Prevent Eye Strain Really Work?

Do you sometimes experience tired dry eyes, headaches, or blurry vision? If so, you may be suffering from digital eye strain. For many of us, it’s rare to get through a day without spending a lot of time in front of a screen. The good news is, there may be some relief. Dr. Chad Overman, Delta Dental of Iowa’s Director of Vision Benefits, talks about how you can limit the toll screens have on your vision and whether products aimed to prevent digital eye strain are worth buying. Read his article in the November 2023 issue of Delta Dental of Iowa’s Benefits Spotlight

Free Health and Well-Being Seminars Offered Online

On-demand online seminars covering various health and well-being topics are available from Acentra (formerly Kepro), the State’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, at Use Company Code: IOWA and click on e-learning for a list of available online seminars.

Seminars may be viewed from your computer or any other internet-enabled device during work time if scheduling permits and your supervisor approves. They are free of charge, with the most current offerings accessible on the dates listed below.

  • Available now: Caring for the Caregiver - Explore how to take care of  yourself and cope with caregiver stress while supporting your loved ones. 
  • Available December 19: Making a Change - Learn how to make positive changes and discover tips to embrace the discomfort that often comes with change. 

EAP also offers confidential resources at no cost to help employees and eligible family members address challenges which may impact job performance, well-being, and overall health. For more information on EAP resources, visit the DAS Employee Assistance Program web page.

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Retirement Benefits and Savings

Why to Save in the Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) Now!

IPERS Chief Benefits Officer David Martin talks about how to combat inflation by saving in RIC, the state’s voluntary retirement savings plan.

IRS Raises 457 Contribution Limits for 2024

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) raised the 457 contribution limits for 2024. If you want to change your Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) contribution, please make your new elections in Workday.

chart with RIC increases

Not Yet Participating In RIC?

The Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) provides State of Iowa employees the opportunity to save a little or a lot toward retirement. Participation is through payroll deduction. The State pays matching contributions up to $75 per month - a total annual match of $900 per year toward your future income needs. Learn more and enroll today!

Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) Webcasts

Make the best use of your retirement savings by taking advantage of education opportunities offered by RIC. These webcasts may be viewed online from your computer or other internet-enabled device during work time if scheduling permits and your supervisor approves. Register to attend

Ready, Set, Retire Workshop Offered In Zoom

Retiring in the next three to five years? If so, IPERS offers you Ready, Set, Retire, a free all-day Zoom webinar just for you! You may view/attend sessions during work time if scheduling permits and your supervisor approves. Spouses are welcome to attend. View the description and upcoming workshop dates, and reserve your spot by clicking on the workshop you wish to attend and click “Register.”

News from State Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) Providers


Elton John Bucket List
What’s on your bucket list? Elton John puts time with family at the top of his. Talk with your financial professional about your bucket list – your specific goals and dreams for when you retire – and how they can help you achieve financial security to make them happen. Read More

Join a webinar and learn more about a variety of topics. Upcoming webinars include:

December 19 – Your Future Starts Now – Make 2024 the year you begin to control your money instead of your money controlling you. This webinar will be held at 11:30 a.m., and again at 12:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. Register to Attend


A New Year, A New Perspective on Retirement
When you know your retirement savings is not what it could be, pushing saving and investing to the back burner can seem like a quick and easy solution. You can worry about retirement later, right? Wrong!

Resolve for yourself what your retirement savings balances need to be and take action to get there! Here are some simple resolutions to get you started:

  • Define your retirement dream. Do a little dreaming and create a vision for your future. Will you travel? Work part time? Get a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and then determine what your future expenses will be. Log on to your account at to check financial calculators to help you.
  • Increase your savings. If you want a hefty nest egg, consider saving about 15% of your household income each month. Although it might take some effort to increase your savings right now, your future will thank you! For 2024, you can save up to $23,000, plus an extra $7,500 if you are 50 or older.
  • Maximize your investing options. The best place to start is with your Iowa RIC. Explore your investing options and focus on the long term. The longer you leave your money invested, the bigger your nest egg can become!
  • Schedule a meeting with your local advisor. For a list of the licensed advisors in your area approved by Empower, go to
link to Horace Mann website

Happy Holidays from Horace Mann
We’re grateful for our clients, colleagues, family, and friends this holiday season (and all year long). From all of us at Horace Mann, we wish you peace, connection and joy in the year to come!


Save More in 2024
Every year, the IRS announces the latest contribution limits for retirement savings accounts like your Iowa Retirement Investors' Club (RIC) Retirement Plan account. The limits for 2024 have increased, giving you the opportunity to save even more today to help achieve your future goals. 

Do you know? If you are 50 years of age or older, you have the option to save even more with catch-up contributions. This can help you maximize the saving potential of your remaining working years to reach your retirement goals. 

Visit for the latest contribution limits for all tax-deferred accounts for 2024.

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Education Opportunities

Track Your External Training

Do you know you can add external training to your transcript in the LMS? It’s a great way to track all of your training in one place! Follow these instructions to add training to your transcript:

  1. Log into the LMS and select the profile tab
  2. Select the details tab on the right side
  3. Scroll down to the Available Learning Object section and select the New Learning Object Session button
  4. Enter the details of your training and select save. Once saved, you can go back and add attachments for documentation

Ten Second Training: Interviews Don’t Have to Be Scary!

Check out these tips from recruiters for how to make the interview process less intimidating for your job candidates:

  • Be transparent - let your personality show through, be real about the role, and stay in communication with candidates
  • Be structured - prepare your interview ahead of time and share that structure with your candidates

For more information on making the interviewing process less intimidating, check out these available resources on the interviewing process: 

Featured Upcoming Classes

  • Introduction to State Procurement | December 21 - in person
  • Workplace Harassment | January 8 - virtual | LCBDC
  • Investigating Employee Misconduct | January 9 - virtual | MDC (limited seats remain)
  • Dimensions of Behavior | January 17 - virtual | TDC
  • The Power of Habit | January 23-25 - virtual

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