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Program Education

photo of co-workers looking at laptopWebcasts

DAS provides webcasts for state employees to learn more about the RIC deferred compensation benefit. There is no cost for benefit education offered by DAS. Attendees view supporting slides, documents, and Web sites while listening by phone or through the computer. To view dates and topics of all benefit education webcasts or to register, go to Benefits Education.

Periodically, RIC investment providers conduct webcasts on a variety of topics including online tools/account access, investment/retirement planning education, and other savings related topics. See Benefits Education for possible scheduled webcasts.

Recorded Presentations

Various RIC presentations have been recorded and are available for viewing at any time. A recorded live presentation allows you to view the same visual aids used in the live presentation while you listen to the instructor's explanations and answers to questions posed by the audience.

Watch a short RIC Overview video    
  • RIC Introduction & Enrollment - (Recording of April 13, 2021 webinar) An overview of the features and benefits of participating in deferred compensation, including the importance of saving for retirement, the employer match, tax advantages, types of investments offered, and how to enroll and make changes.

  • RIC Ready to Retire & Take Income - (Recording of April 20, 2021 webinar) An explanation of eligibility and flexibility of payments from RIC. Discussion of options for deferral of vacation and sick pay, reallocation of investments, and other conditions that may effect your distribution decisions.



Monthly Webcasts

This live 1-hour webcast simply defines the features and benefits of the state's deferred compensation program. Attendees learn the plan structure and tax advantages, the importance of saving for retirement, types of investments offered and basic investment terminology.

This live webcast covers important information that is specific to state employees considering retirement. Attendees hear about options for deferral of vacation and sick pay, reallocation of investments, and distributions (taxable and non-taxable).

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