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SAE Contacts

State Accounting Enterprise

   SAE General Information  515-281-6224


  Title  Name Phone
  SAE Chief Operating Officer  Cleveland, Jay 515-281-3725  
  SAE Division Administrator  Vacant 515-281-4877
  Administrative Assistant  Marasco, Julie 515-281-4840


  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Division & Program Administrator  Miller, Nick 515-281-4877
  PCQ, Settlement Documents,
State-Wide Indirect Cost Allocation Plan (SWICAP)
 Ashmore, Kim 515-281-3802
  State Financial Reporting, 1099 MISC  Hanson, Marilyn 515-281-7078
  Educational Assistance, EFT, Outdated Warrants,
Foreign Travel, Relocation
 Vacant 515-281-0246
  Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA), Reversions,
Administrative Appeal Board
 O'Hair, Anieta 515-281-7957
  Accounting Team Email:  

Centralized Payroll

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Administration of Payroll Programs, Payroll Processing,
HRIS System Subject Matter Expert
 Noce, Wendy
 Program Manager
  Wage Assignments, SPOC Retirees Insurance Processing,
Vendor Payments
 Ayers, Lisa 515-281-7231
  Admin of Payroll Programs, Payroll Processing, HRIS System 
Subject Matter Expert, P-30 Processing, Workers' Comp
 Kibling, Cassie 515-281-8120
  SLIP Retiree Accounts & Billings, Employment Verification,
Duplicate W-2 Processing
 McNulty, Barbara 515-281-3714
  Wage Reporting, Garnishments, IPERS Refunds, 
Vendor Payments
 Shore, Ashley 515-281-3130
  Centralized Payroll Team Email:

Daily Processing       

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Administration of Daily Processing Functions, Document &
Warrant Processing, State Accounting Policy & Procedures
 Miller, Nick 515-281-4877
  General Questions, Internal Documents  Morrison, Jennifer 515-281-6224
  Cancelled Warrants, General Appeal Board, 
Departments 200, 405-412, 427-467, 600
 Shook, Shane 515-281-5539
  Stop/Rescinds, MDs, Departments 000-100, 300, 
401,402, 413, 415, 500
 Young, Xiomara 515-281-6694
  Daily Processing Team Email:

State Financial Reporting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  State Financial Reporting  Vacant 515-281-4098
  State Financial Reporting  Vacant 515-281-6523
  State Financial Reporting  Vacant 515-281-4064

I/3 Financial

  Title  Name Phone
  Administration of I/3 Applications Vacant 515-281-3206
  I/3 Applications Subject Matter Expert  Criner, Tim 515-725-2070
  I/3 Applications Subject Matter Expert  Elliott, Lisa 515-725-2049
  I/3 Applications Subject Matter Expert  Hanten, Randy 515-281-6616
  I/3 Applications Subject Matter Expert  Johnson, Roger 515-281-0160
  I/3 Applications Subject Matter Expert  McLeod, Keith 515-281-6614
  DAS I/3 Vendor Help:

Offset Program

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Offsets  Brian 515-281-6649
  Offsets  Lynn 515-281-5459
  Offsets  Martha 515-281-5202
  Offset Program Email: 

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