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SAE Contacts

State Accounting Enterprise

     SAE General Number   515-281-6224


 Name      Phone  
 Calvin McKelvogue   515-281-4877     SAE Chief Operating Officer
 Julie Marasco 515-281-4840 Administrative Assistant


 Name      Phone  
 Ashmore, Kim 515-281-3802  
 Cleveland, Jay 515-281-3725 Division Administrator
 Hanson, Marilyn 515-281-7078  
 Norem, Lori 515-281-0246  
 O'Hair, Anieta 515-281-7957

Centralized Payroll

 Name      Phone DAS Service
 Ayers, Lisa 515-281-7231 Wage Assignments, SPOC Retirees Insurance Processing, Vendor Payments
 Elliott, Lisa 515-281-3130 Wage Reporting, Garnishments, Workers Comp, IPERS Refunds, Vendor Payments
 McNulty, Barbara 515-281-3714 SLIP Retiree Accounts & Billings, Employment Verification, Duplicate W-2 Processing
 Noce, Wendy 515-281-8120 Administration of Payroll Programs, Payroll Processing, HRIS System Subject
Matter Expert, P-30 Processing
 Wendel, Michelle
 Program Manager
515-281-3976 Administration of Payroll Programs, Payroll Processing, HRIS System Subject
Matter Expert

Daily Processing

 Name      Phone DAS Service
 Brietske, Trina
 Program Manager
515-281-4497 Administration of Daily Processing Functions, Document & Warrant Processing,
State Accounting Policy and Procedures
 Harvey, Barrett 515-281-7964 EFT Reversals, Educational Assistance, Payroll Rejects, PCQs, Relocation,
Settlements, Vendors
 Morrison, Jennifer 515-281-6224 Canceled Warrants, Duplicates, Internal Claims, Out-of-State City Levels, Rescinds,
Stops, State Sponsored Conferences
 Shook, Shane 515-281-5539 Appeal Board, Outdated Warrants, Departments 404-412, 427-467, 500, 600
 Young, Xiomara 515-281-6694 MDs, Departments 000-300, 401,402, 413, 415


 Name      Phone  
 Dooly, Lisa 515-281-4098  
 Knight, Kimberly 515-281-6523  
 Schoeppner, Rich 515-281-4064

I/3 Financial

 Name      Phone  
 Criner, Tim 515-725-2070  
 Hanten, Randy 515-281-6616  
 Johnson, Roger 515-281-0160  
 McClannahan, Lori 515-281-3206 Program Manager
 McLeod, Keith 515-281-6614  
 Miller, Nick 515-725-2049

Offset Program

 Name      Phone  
 Brian 515-281-6649  
 Lynn 515-281-5459  
 Martha 515-281-5202  

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