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SAE Contacts

State Accounting Enterprise

  SAE - General Information  515-281-6224


  DAS Service  Name Phone
  SAE Chief Operating Officer  Cleveland, Jay 515-281-3725
  SAE Division Administrator  Miller, Nick 515-281-4877
  Administrative Assistant  West, Julie 515-281-4840


  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Division & Program Administrator  Miller, Nick 515-281-4877
  State-Wide Indirect Cost Allocation Plan (SWICAP), PCQ, 
Settlement Documents
 Ashmore, Kim 515-281-3802
  Educational Assistance, EFT, Outdated Warrants,
Foreign Travel, Relocation
 Limo, Albert 515-281-0246
  Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA), Reversions,
Administrative Appeal Board
 Brown, Lisa 515-281-7957
       Accounting Team Email:  

Centralized Payroll

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Administration of Payroll Programs, Payroll Processing,
ERP System Subject Matter Expert
 Noce, Wendy 515-281-3976
  Wage Assignments, SPOC Retirees Insurance Processing,
Vendor Payments, P-30 Processing, Garnishments
 Ayers, Lisa 515-281-7231
  Admin of Payroll Programs, Payroll Processing, ERP System 
Subject Matter Expert, Workers' Comp
 Kibling, Cassie 515-281-8120
  Wage Reporting, IPERS Refunds, Vendor Payments,
Unemployment Reporting
 Olson, Diara 515-281-3130
  SLIP Retiree Accounts & Billings, Duplicate W-2/1095 Processing   Young, Xiomara 515-281-3714
       Centralized Payroll Team Email:

Daily Processing

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Administration of Daily Processing Functions, Document &
Warrant Processing, State Accounting Policy & Procedures
 Miller, Nick 515-281-4877
  General Questions, Internal Documents  Wanicki, Brittney 515-281-6224
  Cancelled Warrants, General Appeal Board,
Departments 200, 405-412, 427-467, 600
 Shook, Shane 515-281-5539
  Departments 000-100, 300, 401,402, 413, 415, 500
Stop/Rescinds, MDs
 Morrison, Jennifer  515-281-6694
       Daily Processing Team Email:

State Financial Reporting  Iowa Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Bernard, Stephanie 515-281-6523
  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Lagerblade, Randy  515-281-7964
  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)   O'Hair, Anieta 515-281-4098
  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Sobieszkoda, Marta 515-281-4064
       GAAP Team Email:    

I/3 Financial 

  I/3 Applications Subject Matter Experts  Name Phone
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Anderson, Kristy 515-204-5590
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Black, Jennifer 515-322-8187
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Bradour, Brian 515-360-4471
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Criner, Tim 515-725-2070
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Elliott, Lisa 515-725-2049
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Hanten, Randy 515-281-6616
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  McLeod, Keith 515-281-6614
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Pulley, Bobbi 515-322-2893
  Applications Subject Matter Expert  Swacker, Jamie 515-305-0960
       DAS I/3 Vendor Help:

Offset Program 

  DAS Service  Name Phone
  Offsets  Brian 515-281-6649
  Offsets  Lynn 515-281-5459
  Offsets  Martha 515-281-5202
       Offset Program Email:

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