This program is a method used by the State of Iowa to collect money owed to the State under Chapter 8A.504 of the Code of Iowa. The Iowa Code directs the Department of Administrative Services, State Accounting Enterprise to establish and maintain a procedure to collect against any claim owed to a person by a state agency, and then apply the money owed to the person against the debt owed by the person to the State of Iowa.

Payments Held by the Federal Government

   Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit the IRS website "Where's My Refund?" for your refund status if the Federal Government has offset (held) your federal tax refund.  The Offset Program staff is not provided any information by the Federal Government and is unable to respond to your requests.

Iowa Department of Revenue - Status Information

Contact the Iowa Department of Revenue on the IDR website "Where's Iowa My Refund?" for your status. 

Use this link to receive the identical information available to the Department of Revenue's phone representatives. 

My Funds Were Offset... What now?

You must contact the offsetting Agency identified in your "Letter of Notification" to learn why your money is being held or to discuss your status within the program. When funds were offset, you received a "Letter of Notification" stating your money had been offset (held) and the name of the offsetting agency. You must contact that Offsetting Agency. 

Offset Program Staff are not provided details of your debt and do not know why your money is being held.
The only information provided to Offset Program Staff is:

  1. Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number
  2. Amount of money owed

     You must contact the Offsetting Agency to find out why your funds are being held.

Agency Contact Information

Agency Contacts - Contact the Agency identified in your Letter of Notification to find out your status in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Held Payments FAQ - To help sort out what you need to know and who to contact if your money has been held.
Or if you prefer, you can view a printable version of the Held Payments FAQ.