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Reference Materials & Other Information

The links below offer various information for State employees.

In-State Reference Materials

Hotel, Motel and B&B Guide - CPFSEs webpage guide of contract rates; not reimbursable rates
In-State Lodging Interactive Map - CPFSE (see also: TravelIn-State Travel)
In-State Travel Reimbursement Summary (see also: TravelIn-State Travel)
Meal Receipt FAQ (see also: Travel)

Out-of-State Reference Materials

Out-of-State City Level (see also: TravelOut-Of-State Travel)
Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Summary (see also: TravelOut-Of-State Travel)
Meal Receipt FAQ (see also: Travel)

Conference Information

Conference Sponsorship Justification - Dept. of Management (see also: TravelIn-State Travel)
State-Sponsored Conferences (see also: TravelIn-State Travel)

Other Information

General Messages Released by DAS-SAE
Retirement Expenses FAQ

  GAAP Transfer Codes in I/3 and Correcting Documents 

   • Transfers Guidance
Transfers Quick Guide 
• Correcting Documents

  Capital Assets - Policy References

  Capital Assets Including Infrastructure 
    Capital Assets Including Infrastructure - Depreciation
    Capital Assets - Works of Art, Historical Treasurers and Similar Assets 
  Intangible Assets Policy