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Wellness Champions



Administrative Services Susan Churchill
Amy Liechti
Aging Alexandra Curtis
Agriculture Rylie Waite
Attorney General/Justice  
Auditor of State  
Blind Denise Bean
Board of Educational Examiners Greg Horstmann
Citizens' Aide/Ombudsman  
Civil Rights Commission  
College Student Aid Commission Graci Zeiger
Commerce - Alcoholic Beverages Deanna Krumm
Commerce - Banking Jamie Moellers
Commerce - Credit Union Sara Larkin
Commerce - Insurance Sonya Sellmeyer
Commerce - Professional Licensing  
Commerce - Utilities Kenneth Sulma
Community Based Corrections - District 1 Michael Schreck
Community Based Corrections - District 2 Chrystal Thorson
Community Based Corrections - District 5 Karen Chapman
Community Based Corrections - District 6 Cynthia Dennis
Community Based Corrections - District 7 Jennifer Wirtjes
Community Based Corrections - District 8 Jenny Roberts
Corrections - Central Office  
Corrections - Anamosa  
Corrections - Clarinda  
Corrections - Fort Dodge  
Corrections - Fort Madison  
Corrections - Mitchellville  
Corrections - Mount Pleasant  
Corrections - Newton  
Corrections - Oakdale  
Corrections - Rockwell City  
Cultural Affairs Jolene Wilson
Economic Development Kerri Yost
Education Carrie Scheidel
Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board Nancy Wood
Finance Authority Alyson Fleming
Governor's Office Meaghan O'Brien
Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy Susie Sher
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department  Blake Derouchey
House of Representatives  
Human Rights  
Human Services  
Human Services - Community Services - Grimes  
Human Services - Community Services - Ottumwa  
Human Services - Glenwood Resource Center  
Human Services - Woodward Resource Center  
Inspections and Appeals Lee Navin
Iowa Communications Network Karen Alessio
Iowa Public Broadcasting Service Caryline Clark
IPERS Melinda Rushing
Iowa Public Information Board Margaret Johnson
Judicial Branch - Des Moines  
Judicial Branch - Sioux City  
Law Enforcement Academy  
Legislative Services Agency  
Lottery Diane McCool
Management Joseph Barry
Natural Resources
502 E. 9th St., DSM

Jean Mayne
Alicia Plate

Office of Chief Information Officer  Kathy Brugioni 
Parole Board  
Public Defense Natalie Cue
Casey Floyd
Public Employment Relations Board  
Public Health Victoria Brenton
Jill Lange
Andrew Minear
Public Safety Sgt. Joshua Duden
Racing and Gaming Commission  Barb Blake
Regents, Board of John Nash
Revenue Hollie Welch
Secretary of State  
State Public Defender Jacob Mason
Transportation – Ames Leah Berbano
Shawn Blaesing-Thompson
Transportation – Ankeny Kayla Burkett
Transportation – District 5 Office Christy VanBuskirk
Treasurer of State Victoria Newton
Veterans Affairs Karl Lettow
Veterans Home Candice Cobb
Vocational Rehabilitation Services  
Workforce Development Jennifer Keith
Michael Lunn
Shawn Vodenik
Workforce Development - Labor Division Michell Mahan

Updated 12/30/2020