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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, professional service to help State of Iowa employees and their family members. With EAP you have access to prepaid, professional services to help you deal with problems before they begin to affect your health, happiness or success.

Employee Assistance Program Provider

Employee & Family Resources (EFR)
515-244-6090 or 800-327-4692
EFR's Employee Assistance website


Full and part-time employees who receive a paycheck from the State of Iowa are eligible to use EAP services. Members of the employee's household are also eligible to use EAP services. Upon employment termination, employees and their family members remain eligible to use EAP services for up to 30 days following termination.

EAP Provider

/sites/default/files/hr/image/efr25.jpgEAP services are provided by Employee & Family Resources (EFR). EFR counselors are not state employees. Calls to EFR counselors are confidential within strict legal limits. They will not tell anyone you called or release any information without your written permission unless a legal exception applies. Legal exceptions include child or dependent adult abuse or neglect or life threatening situations.

Employee & Family Resources (EFR)

EAP Employee Service Summary
Coping with Financial Uncertainty
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EAP Services

Counseling Services

EAP counseling services are intended to help people before problems interfere with job performance. Problems for which the EAP can provide help include:

  • Alcohol or other drug abuse
  • Career struggles/job burn-out
  • Death/dying issues
  • Financial consultation (budgeting, investing)
  • Health or stress concerns
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Marriage or family problems
  • Legal concerns (personal, non-employment related)
  • Workplace conflicts

Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching services are intended to help you and your family members resolve life issues. You participate in coaching over the Internet and by telephone instead of having in-person appointments with an EAP counselor. If you use coaching services, you will have a trained life coach, a personal, secure website, scheduled telephone sessions with your life coach, and the ability to communicate with your life coach through your personal website. You might find life coaching helpful in dealing with Family Issues, Caring for a Dependent Adult, Couple/Marital Relationships, Grief/Loss, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, and Work/Life Balance.

These are just a few examples of the types of situations where life coaching might be a good alternative to in-person counseling. Of course, the choice is yours. You can still have face-to-face contact with a counselor if you prefer. Life Coaching services are offered as an alternative to the in-person assessment and brief counseling services that are currently offered.

Legal Consultation

Help when you need information about finding and using legal assistance.

Financial Consultation

Provides information about budgeting, investing, and other financial topics.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Helps employees cope with situations such as the death or serious injury of a co-worker or resident.

Appointments with EAP Counselors

Appointments with EAP counselors are available some evening and weekend hours, as well as during business hours. You may see a counselor on your own time and no one will need to know. If you need to see an EAP counselor during work time, you will need to:

  • Get approval from your supervisor for time away from work.
  • Sign a release of information form provided by the EAP counselor. This allows the counselor to confirm your work time attendance with your supervisor. No other information will be released without your written permission.

Cost of EAP Services

There is no charge to you for services provided by the EAP. However, EAP services are intended to be short-term in nature.

Counseling services are limited to three (3) sessions with an EAP counselor per incident. If an EAP counselor refers you to other resources for additional help, those resources may charge for their services. EAP counselors will work with you to identify resources that are affordable or that may be partially covered by your health insurance. Life Coaching services are generally provided for up to nine weeks. If you have questions about whether you are covered by the EAP, contact your personnel assistant or district court administrator.

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