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210 Travel

State Accounting Policy & Procedures Manual

Procedure   Travel
210.000   Table of Contents
210.100   General; General Information
210.101   General; Travel Card
210.102   General; Meal, Travel and Work Related Receipts
210.103   General; Meal Reimbursement
210.105   General; Official Domicile; Defined
210.106   General; Official Domicile; Metropolitan Areas; Defined-Office Employees
210.107   General; Official Domicile; Mileage Reimbursement
210.108   General; Official Domicile; Meal Reimbursement
210.109   General; Official Domicile; Travel Status
210.110   General; Benefits Derived From Travel
210.115   General; Direct Billing
210.120   General; Cancellation of Reservations
210.130   General; State Owned Vehicles - Use for Personal Reasons
210.131   General; State Vehicles - Miscellaneous Expenses
210.135   General; Reimbursement of Parking / Taxi / Other Expense
210.140   General; Miscellaneous Expenses
210.200   In-State; Mode of Transportation
210.205   In-State; Subsistence Allowance
210.215   In-State; Vicinity Driving
210.220   In-State; Registration Fees
210.225   In-State; Temporary Duty Assignment
210.235   In-State; Overnight Travel - No Overnight Lodging Expense
210.240   In-State; Fair / Trade Show and Similar Expenses
210.245   In-State; Board, Commission, Advisory Council, and Task Force Member Expenses
210.300   Out-of-State; Mode of Transportation
210.305   Out-of-State; Subsistence Allowance
210.306   Out-of-State; Out of State-Listing of High Rate Areas
210.315   Out-of-State; Travel Department Authority
210.320   Out-of-State; Registration Fees
210.325   Out-of-State; Reimbursement for Tickets
210.330   Out-of-State; Travel With In-State Limitations
210.400   International; Mode of Transportation
210.405   International; Subsistence Allowance and Miscellaneous Expenses