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Program Summary

The Big Picture


The Retirement Investors' Club (RIC) 403b Program is your employer-sponsored voluntary retirement savings benefit. Participants choose to save any portion of their wages through salary reductions (see IRS Maximum 403b Limits). Deductions are deposited into your selection of RIC investments in your 403b account.

Your RIC 403b contributions and earnings are available at retirement to supplement your IPERS pension (IPERS, TIAA) and social security income benefits. There are no vesting requirements.


Your eligibility to participate in the RIC is determined by your employer (view your employer's plan elections). In many cases, employers do not have eligibility requirements for participation.

403b Roth Option

Your employer may have elected to offer a 403b Roth option (view your employer's plan elections) in addition to pretax. The 403b Roth allows eligible employees to make after-tax contributions through salary reductions.