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Procurement Training

DAS Central Procurement Training
for Purchasing Agents (PA) & Agency Authorized Purchasers (AAP) 

In order to facilitate efficient and cost-effective purchasing in compliance with State of Iowa Code, Iowa Administrative Code (IAC), and DAS Policies and Procedures, DAS Central Procurement has developed a professional development plan for all State of Iowa employees designated to make purchases on behalf of the State. 

Procurement authority is limited to State of Iowa employees who have completed appropriate training for their assigned purchasing level. Per Administrative Rule 11 IAC 117.15(2), purchasing authority is granted to the employee who completes the required training, not the employing agency.

Funds for the Professional Development of Procurement personnel is available for reimbursement to State Agencies. For further information and access to the form to request reimbursement or pre-approval see Procurement Training Funds memorandum dated 12/06/22.

In addition to web-based modules, classroom courses are offered in partnership with Performance and Development Solutions (PDS), DAS State Accounting Enterprise (SAE), and the National Institute of Government Procurement (NIGP).

Required Training: WHO needs WHAT? 

Required classes for Purchasing Agents (PAs) & Agency Authorized Purchasers (AAPs) are based upon thresholds for purchasing authority classified as Level A, Level 1 (Basic), Level 2 (Advanced), or Level 3 (DAS PAs only). 

  • Level A Certification: Authorized purchasers at this level are required to pass the web-based training (WBT) module Buying Basics detailing State of Iowa procurement policy and procedures before making any purchases on behalf of the State. Buying Basics is strongly recommended for Pcardholders and anyone buying from existing Master Agreements (MAs), certified Targeted Small Businesses (TSBs) up to $25,000, goods up to $5,000, or services up to $5,000 (where no informal quotes or competitive bids are needed).
  •  Contact Karl Wendt in Procurement to request training assistance or access to procurement training.
  • Level 1 (Basic) Certification: Authorized purchasers at this level must complete and pass five (5) prerequisite procurement code WBTs, and a ½-day PDS Intro to State Procurement Class. Once completed, Level 1 buyers are authorized to engage for purchases of goods and services up to $15,000 without competition or informal quotes or competitive bids for services from $15,000-$50,000.  
  • Contact Karl Wendt in Procurement to request training assistance or access to procurement training.​​​​

For I/3 Users: SAE required classes include Basics of I/3 Financial (or equivalent experience) and Basics of I/3 Procurement. 

Introduction to State Procurement Course Offering Dates:

  • 1/5/23-In Person
  • 2/2/23-In Person
  • 3/23/23-Virtual
  • 5/4/23-In Person
  • Visit the HRE/DAS State of Iowa Learning Management System (LMS) page to register.
  • Level 2 (Advanced) Certification: Authorized purchasers at this level (also known as “Advanced Procurement Authority”) must complete and pass Level 1 certification, complete a 1-day PDS Advanced Procurement Certification seminar, two (2) NIGP courses (NIGP Foundations of Strategy and Policy and NIGP Competency Module: Advanced Legislation and Legal Environment), as well as have six months procurement experience. Advanced Procurement Training is required for those obtaining quotes or competitive bids for goods and services purchases between $15,000 and $50,000, or service purchases above $50,000. Recertification must also be completed every two years to maintain advanced procurement authority status.

    Advanced Procurement Certification Course Offering Dates:

  • 1/26/23-In Person
  • 3/30/23-In Person
  • 5/18/23-In Person

For I/3 Users: SAE required classes include I/3 Advanced Procurement for Level 2 buyers posting solicitations to Vendor Self Service (VSS). 

DAS State Accounting Enterprise (SAE) Integrated Information for Iowa (I/3)

  • For I/3 Financial and VSS information and training calendar, see the SAE I/3 website

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