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HR Information for Employees

The following list includes many frequently used DAS-HRE forms in one central location for the user's convenience. These are generally forms that originate with the employee. Several of these forms are also found in other locations on the DAS-HRE website.

This information is divided into the following sections for convenience:

Benefits Relocation
Classification Severe Weather Information
Employment State Human Resource Policies
Grievances and Discipline Training and Development
Reasonable Accommodation Violence in the Workplace


DAS-HRE Benefits Website
Forms and other information can be accessed at this website.

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Position Description Questionnaire 552-0094

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Commercial Drivers' License Supplemental Application 552-0562
Acknowledgement of Drivers' License Requirements 552-0564
Notice of Conviction for a Violation of a Motor Vehicle Law 552-0563

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Reasonable Accommodation

  Request for Reasonable Accommodation 552-0574

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Training and Development

Performance & Development Solutions (PDS)

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Grievances and Discipline

Noncontract Grievance Form 552-0248

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Calculation of Mortgage Interest Differential 552-0703
Calculation of Market Value Differential 552-0704
Calculation of Income Tax Assistance Payment 552-0705
IRS Tests for Preparing Relocation Expense Claims 552-0706
Agreement for Recouping Relocation Payments 552-0751
Statement of Ownership of Principal Residence 552-0668
Relocation Expenses Recap (sample)
Travel Payment for Relocation Expenses Recap (sample)
Travel Payment for Relocation Subsistence (sample)

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Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather Policy
Severe Weather FAQ
Severe Weather Request for Assistance form

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State Human Resource Policies

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Anti-Discrimination Policy 
Employee Complaint Form (fillable)
Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy
Healthy Opportunities Stop Smoking
State Employee Handbook
Substance Abuse Policy

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Violence in the Workplace

Violence Free Workplace Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.70)
Workplace Violence Report 552-0318 (fillable)

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