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Design and Construction Resources

Design and construction resources provides administration of public improvement projects, including design services, contracting for construction, and construction management oversight for state agencies except any agency of the state exempted by law. Capital funding appropriated to participating state agencies shall be transferred to design and construction resources for administration. Design and construction resources is responsible for the administration of major maintenance and routine maintenance for agencies in accordance with Iowa Code section 8A.302(4).
- Iowa Administrative Code, 11-1.4(8A)

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Infrastructure Financials 
The Infrastructure Financials provide a detailed monthly view of all financial activities on construction projects.

Major and Routine Maintenance
Design and Construction Resources works collaboratively with agencies supported by the Department of Administrative Services to identify building projects and established priorities.

For more information send an email to Scott Gustafson or call 515-725-1213.
Facilities Management Center, 109 SE 13th St, Des Moines, Iowa 50319