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Capitol Complex Maintenance

Capitol Complex Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance, appearance, and facility sanitation of the capitol complex buildings and grounds, including environmental control (heating, ventilation and cooling) and all support features including, but not limited to, parking lot maintenance, main electrical distribution, power generation, water supply, utilities, energy efficiency, wastewater removal, on-site safety consultation, work requests for the capitol complex, major maintenance projects associated with the capitol complex, special event coordination, monuments, physical security and access control.
- Iowa Administrative Code, 11-1.4(8A)

Quick Links

  • MAPCON - Facility Coordinators in each agency use the MAPCON system to notify CCM of buildings and grounds issues such as heating and cooling, light bulb replacements, leaking faucets and etc.
  • eDAS - Agencies may request a quote through the eDAS system or contact GSE Customer Service at (515) 242-5120 opt. 3, to request services beyond the Association Services.
  • Key Request Form

For more information send an email to GSE Customer Service or 515-242-5120, Option 3.
Facilities Management Center, 109 SE 13th St, Des Moines, Iowa 50319