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Providers & Investments

Before you select a provider, visit your employer's plan details page to see which of the providers below are available in your plan. RIC providers offer diversified investments, online account access, advisor services (at no additional cost), and retirement planning tools. As an RIC participant, you choose your investment mix, account services, and retirement income options that meet your needs. There are no annual contract fees, sales charges, or penalties for asset transfers between providers or investments. Access basic product information in the chart below and contact the provider directly for details about their investment options and services.

Each investor is unique. At no extra cost to you, provider representatives can help you evaluate investment options and determine an investment mix suited to your tolerance for risk and retirement income goals.

Provider Phone number Website Returns Advisors Enroll & More
 (formerly VALIC) 800-945-6763


(formerly MassMutual Retirement)
833-999-IOWA (4692)

Link to Voya website 800-555-1970

Investment Types

RIC investment options vary by objective, management style, level of risk, and earnings potential.  Each RIC provider offers investments in two basic categories:

What is a fixed rate account?

What is a variable rate fund?

*Please note: Investment returns are not guaranteed by the State of Iowa or the US Government and are not FDIC insured. Fixed rates are insured by the issuing investment provider. To obtain the most current guaranteed rate information, please contact the active provider directly.



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