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The manuals below provide rules, processes and guidance for the processing of payroll and accounting documents and other information.

Payroll and Accounting Manuals

Gross to Net Manual (see also: Centralized Payroll)
HRIS Time Reporting System Manual (see also: Centralized Payroll)
I/3 System Manuals Located on the State's I/3 intranet website
Online Payroll Log-in Process Manual (see also: Centralized Payroll)
State Accounting Policy & Procedures Manual

Redeemed Warrant Materials from the Treasurer of State

 Treasurer of State's Redeemed Warrant Search Manual  New in 2021
 State Agency Request to Access Redeemed Warrant Information  Required to access TOS Redeemed Warrant System
Treasurer of State's OLD Warrant Research Manual - For warrants redeemed prior to June 30, 2017.
NOTE: As warrants are loaded into the OLD warrant research system, this date will change.
          Questions? Contact the Treasurer of State at 515-281-3870