What is a provider exchange?

A provider exchange is the movement of some or all of your 403b dollars from one RIC investment provider to another provider (in the RIC plan.

The status of a provider's relationship with planwithease (pwe) and RIC determines if and how an exchange may be made (see chart below).

Additionally, your employer's plan elections may indicate exchange restrictions. Participants with assets invested in inactive provider products need to be aware that restrictions and/or penalties may exist. You may use the Policy Review Data Sheet to help you ask your old provider questions about your policy. The answers to these questions will help you compare the old product with the active provider products.

Exchanges between active providers are not recommended unless you have been dissatisfied with your current active provider services and/or investments.

See instructions for completing a provider exchange.

Exchange Process
Based on Provider Relationship
Status of Provider (from →)To ActiveTo Inactive - ISA with PWETo Inactive - ISA with RIC
Activecontact pwecontact pwecontact RIC
Inactive - ISA with PWEnot allowedcontact pwecontact RIC
Inactive - ISA with RICnot allowedcontact RICcontact RIC