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Participating Public Employers
913 S Dubuque Street, Suite 103
Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone (319) 356-6004 / Fax (319) 356-6086
Welcome to your employer-sponsored retirement savings benefit - the Iowa Retirement Investors' Club (RIC)! Plan details specific to this employer are shown below. Access additional program information from the left menu. RIC has no vesting requirements. Take advantage of this great employee benefit today!
EligibilityAll employees are eligible to participate. 
457 Employee Contributions

Pretax contributions are available through payroll deductions up to IRS 457 annual maximum limits. There is no minimum.

Request to begin, change or stop payroll deductions at any time by completing the RIC Account Form PDF and forwarding it the Johnson County Auditor's Office. 

3-Year Catch-Up - Close to retirement, the 3-Year Catch-Up benefit allows qualified participants to contribute over the Age 50+ limit. To find out if you qualify, request a 3-Year Catch-Up Worksheet.

401a Employer MatchPretax employer match contributions - $1 for every $1 up to $40 biweekly for participants contributing to the 457 plan.
EnrollmentEnrollment is always open. Review enrollment options available through a RIC provider.
Providers & Investments

Investment options and services are made available through RIC providers. View the RIC At-A-Glance for a list of funds. 

Help from investment advisors with investment selection and account reviews is available through your provider at no extra cost. Advisors with questions about RIC can view Information for Advisors.

Investment changes may be made at any time by logging into your provider account, calling the toll-free # or meeting with your provider representative. There are no fees for fund transfers.

Provider transfers: To transfer assets between RIC providers, see Change Your Provider. There are no restrictions or fees for this type of transfer.

24/7 access is available for investment selection, personal information such as address or name change and  beneficiary updates.
Roll-insAt any time, participants may roll outside retirement account assets into RIC (non-taxable event) to take advantage of the RIC benefits. Contact your RIC advisor if you wish to roll assets in. Assets rolled into RIC are available for distribution without investment restrictions or penalties.

While employed, distribution options are limited.

Once separated from employment, you may remain invested and request a distribution from your provider at any time.

Investment ProvidersCorebridge, Empower, Horace Mann, Voya