IRS 457 Annual Contribution Limits

IRS 457 contribution limits for 2022

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Year Regular Limit Age 50+ Limit** 3-Year Catch-Up Limit***
  Lesser of 100% of compensation* or: Regular limit + $6,500 for employees age 50+ Regular limit + missed contributions up to:
2022 $ 20,500 $ 27,000 $ 41,000

$ 19,500

$ 26,000

$ 39,000

Please Note: The combined amount of all 457 pretax and post-tax Roth elective contributions in a tax year is limited to the IRS maximum contribution limits shown above.  

* Compensation is your gross salary minus your retirement (IPERS, POR, Judicial) deductions. The amount you contribute may be reduced by deductions for FICA, insurances, flexible spending accounts, auto use maintenance, and assignments.
** Participants are not able to use the 50+ limit and the 3-Year Catch-Up limit at the same time.
*** If you are within three years of your normal retirement date, you may qualify to contribute more than the regular limit under the program's 3-Year Catch-up Provision.