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What goods and services does the State of Iowa buy?

In DAS Central Procurement's efforts to assist the vendor community and encourage business with the State of Iowa, the following reports include the types of goods and services the State purchased in recent fiscal years (FY). The totals reflect payments to vendors where a commodity code for goods or services was referenced.

FY20 Payments by Commodity Code
FY19 Payments by Commodity Code
FY18 Payments by Commodity Code

FY17 Payments by Commodity Code
FY16 Payments by Commodity Code

When identifying goods and services, the State uses a commodity code classification published by the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP). Vendors who would like to receive State solicitation (bid) notifications must be registered with the appropriate NIGP Commodity Code(s) in I/3 using the State of Iowa's vendor portal, Vendor Self Service (VSS).