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How to Apply for a Job

The Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Enterprise (DAS-HRE) will continually announce vacancies by posting on the Iowa jobs webpage, through colleges, the Department of Workforce Development, other state offices, state libraries, and in newspapers. DAS-HRE will screen applications based on job qualifications announced for each vacancy. Only qualified applicants will have their names referred on to the hiring state agency.

To apply for a job with the State of Iowa, all applicants must complete a State of Iowa application. There are two methods to apply:

  • Online application: You may complete an online application when you apply for a vacancy or open job class through the Iowa jobs webpage. See The BrassRing Applicant System page for further instructions on the online application process.
  • Paper application: A paper State of Iowa application is still available and may continue to be submitted as in the past, but the preferred application method, for your convenience and for the convenience of the hiring supervisors, is the online process. Paper applications may be obtained from any Workforce Development Center, state department or institution, or the DAS-HRE office in Des Moines. You can also download a copy of the DAS HRE application here.

Once you have applied for a job with the State of Iowa, you may apply for additional jobs online using the Iowa.Jobs page or, for current permanent State of Iowa employees, the Iowa.Jobs.Promo page. You may also call, e-mail, or write us to add a vacancy at any time:

  • Phone: (515) 281-5889
  • Email:
  • US Postal Service:
    Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Enterprise
    Hoover State Office Building
    1305 E. Walnut
    Des Moines, IA 50319-0150

Each vacancy that is posted includes specific application information, a job vacancy number called the Auto Req ID, job title, and an application closing date.

  • You must use the Auto Req ID for each vacancy for which you are applying. If you do not provide this information when you apply you may miss the opportunity to be on the applicant eligible list for that vacancy.
  • Your application for a vacancy must reach us by the closing date of the posting. If you are mailing an application, a postmarked date is not accepted.
  • If you have an application on file, your request to apply for a vacancy must be received at the DAS-HRE offices by the closing date.
  • If a typing test is required for the vacancy for which you are applying, you must provide verification of your typing score PRIOR to the closing date of the vacancy. If you fail to do this, your name will not be referred out on the applicant eligible list. Please check the vacancy posting for the typing speed required for the position. You only need to submit a typing score once; this score will be kept on file for two years. If you are a state employee currently working in a state job that required a typing score when you were hired, this will meet the typing requirement. Click here for more typing test information.

DAS-HRE determines if an applicant meets the qualifications for a vacancy by using the information on the applicant's current application on file. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR APPLICANTS TO ENSURE THAT THEIR APPLICATION ON FILE IS UP TO DATE. If your name, address, education or employment history are not current, this may result in a missed opportunity for you and you may not be referred out for a vacancy. If your e-mail address, phone number, or street address are not current, the hiring agency will not be able to contact you.

If qualified, a copy of each person's resume and application information will be available to the hiring agency. The agency will review the list of applicants and determine screening and interview procedures. The education and experience information you provide will be used by the hiring agency to evaluate your qualifications, select candidates for interviews and to screen for the best qualified applicants for a vacancy. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT YOUR APPLICATION INFORMATION IS CURRENT. IT IS ALSO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS POSTED ON THE VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT.