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Statewide Leasing Services

Offices in Polk and contiguous counties

The Real Estate Leasing & planning function in Polk and contiguous counties is responsible for locating lease space and negotiating and preparing lease contracts that meets the state tenant's requirements. This also includes preparation of lease amendment for renewals, extensions, or alterations to existing space. Services provided include a wide range of lease negotiations for commercial leases where the State is the tenant: leases for offices, warehouse or storage facilities, special purpose requirements, or build to suit offices.

Services include:

  • Development and maintenance of statewide lease database
  • Ensuring lease compliance and enforcement of both building owners and State tenant throughout the lease term
  • Administering the provisions of any lease escalation provisions or other rental adjustments
  • Reviewing, approving and distributing lease change documents, such as changes of ownership, address, or management
  • Handling and resolving various premises problems concerning upgrades, repair and maintenance
  • Issuing special notifications to agencies or leaseholder, such as asbestos or energy conservations guidelines and notifications
  • GAAP reporting requirements

We understand the importance of quality service that meets the customer's needs. Customers are encouraged to contact us regarding current on-going services or to request new service.