Q1:What comprises the Finance and Operations Division of DAS?

  • A1: The Finance and Operations Division supports the Department of Administrative Services in the following areas:

    Accounts Payable processes invoices for payment to vendors that do business with the four DAS Enterprises and the DAS Core. Accounts Payable also performs research when vendors call, checks the accuracy of coding of payments for processing, and ensures compliance with the State Accounting Policies.

    Accounts Receivable bills DAS customers, both internal and external, for services provided by the four enterprises. The bills are produced monthly in an electronic format on eDAS.

    Enterprise CFOs provide financial and budget information in support of the department. This includes preparation of monthly operating reports, annual budgets, SWCAP reports, and GAAP reports.

    The Customer Service Center (CSC) provides a one-stop location for all Capitol Complex customers. The CSC provides a wide range of information – everything from where visitors can park to how to purchase a flag. They also handle service requests for maintenance on the capitol complex and at the Ankeny Labs. They can be reached by phone at (515) 242-5120 or by fax at (515) 242-5974.

Q2:What is eDAS?

  • A2: eDAS is the online billing and service request system for the Department of Administrative Services. It has revolutionized the way customers deal with the department by providing state agencies with an online system to order services and view billing information. The system has saved the state money by reducing the number of staff needed to generate and support the bill, and by allowing customers to better track expenses. Customers appreciate the interactive invoice, and they value being able to use this data for trending and forecasting purposes. eDAS is located at https://edas.iowa.gov.

Q3:Who can order DAS services?

  • A3: DAS can offer its Marketplace services to any state, county, or city governmental entity. In addition to government agencies, the 2007 State Legislature opened DAS Marketplace services to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.

Q4:How can I get information about DAS services?

  • A4: DAS services and rates are listed in the eDAS Services Catalog which can be found on the web at https://edas.iowa.gov. Use Advanced Search to get a list of services by category or by enterprise. This list gives a description of each service in the category/enterprise. Click the service name to get service rate and service contact information. You can also click the β€œView Rates” link to see services with the corresponding rates for an enterprise. From here you can click the Service ID to view additional detail about the service.

Q5:Whom do I contact to discuss my invoice for DAS services?

Q6:I sent an invoice to DAS. How soon will it be paid?

  • A6: DAS attempts to pay all invoices as quickly as possible. To discuss the status of your invoice, contact Pam Sullivan or call (515) 281-0887.

Q7:Who is the Chief Financial Officer for DAS?

  • A7: Mirela Jusic is the Chief Financial Officer for DAS. She oversees Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Enterprise CFOs, Financial Management, Customer Service Center. Please send questions about DAS Finance to Mirela Jusic or call (515) 314-4215.