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Jefferson County Health Center

2000 South Main Street
Fairfield, IA 52556
Phone: 641-472-4111 / Fax: 641-469-4375

Plan details specific to the Jefferson County Health Center  457/401a plans are shown below.  Access additional program information from the left menu. Enrollment is year-round! Take advantage of this great employee benefit today by contacting a local MassMutual advisor (advisor listing). 

View presentation slides from the October 24, 2017 RIC sessions held for employees.

Eligibility   Contributions   Enrollment & Investments   Payroll deduction changes
All employees are eligible to participate.   Limits: Min = $25/mo, max = IRS annual limits
Types: Pretax and Roth
Catch-up  - The 3-Year Catch-Up benefit allows qualified participants to contribute over the Age 50+ limit. To find out if you qualify, request a 3-year catch-up worksheet.
  Enrollment is through Empower - Your plan has local dedicated investment advisors (at no extra cost) to help you enroll and select investment options. You may change your deductions and investment mix at any time with no restrictions or transfer fees. 

Investments: Your provider offers attractive investment options and services and can help you establish an investment mix to help you meet your retirement income goals. Let your advisor know if you would like to review your investment mix  periodically and make changes if necessary. A list of fund options by investment category is available in the RIC At-A-Glance PDF.

  You may request a change to your existing payroll deduction amount and/or tax treatment at any time by completing the Jefferson County Health Center RIC Account Form PDF and forwarding it to your payroll office.