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Region XII Regional Housing Authority

320 East 7th Street
Carroll, IA  51401
Phone: (712) 792-5560
Fax: (712) 792-1650

Plan details specific to the Region XII Regional Housing Authority 457/401a plans are shown below. Access additional program information from the left menu. Enrollment is year round!  Take advantage of this great employee benefit today by contacting one of the RIC providers!

Eligibility & Vesting   Contributions / Roll-ins   Enrollment & Investments   Changes & Distributions

All employees are eligible to participate.

Participants are fully vested from day one.

  457 employee contributions: Option to save pretax and post-tax Roth through payroll deductions:
  - minimum $25/month
  - maximum up to IRS annual limits*

Roll-ins: At any time, participants may roll outside retirement account assets into RIC (non-taxable event) to take advantage of the RIC benefits. Assets rolled into RIC are available for distribution without investment restrictions or penalties.

  Enrollment: Enrollment is always open. Review the different enrollment options available through your plan's RIC providers Empower  and Voya.

Investments: Empower and Voya offer a variety of investment options and provide help with enrollment, investment selection, and account reviews at no extra cost. A list of fund options by investment category is available in the RIC At-A-Glance PDF.

  Payroll deductions - You may request a change to your existing payroll deduction amount and tax treatment at any time by completing the R12 Regional Housing Authority RIC Account Form PDF and forwarding it to your Human Resources Department.

Account management: To manage investment selection, obtain account information, change personal or beneficiary information, access your account online or call your provider.

Distributions: While employed, distribution options are limited. Once separated from employment, contact your provider directly to request distributions.

Provider transfers: To transfer assets between RIC providers, establish an account with the receiving provider and complete the RIC Account Form. There are no restrictions or fees for this type of transfer.