The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Fleet Services is responsible for managing the maintenance, service and repair of all State fleet vehicles. The information below outlines required procedures for servicing State-owned vehicles managed by DAS Fleet Services. This includes all State agency vehicles except those owned by the Iowa Department of Transportation, the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. 

Service Providers

  • Routine service, maintenance and repairs may be performed by any licensed service provider who will bill the State of Iowa/DAS directly per the Billing Procedures below.
  • Any state of Iowa vehicle may be taken to a local manufacturer dealership. General Motors, Ford-Lincoln and Stellantis (Chrysler) dealerships statewide participate in consolidated billing networks. Other manufacturer dealerships must bill directly.
  • The following government service facilities provide fuel, labor and parts at competitive rates for preventative maintenance inspections and emergency repairs:
    • University of Iowa Motor Pool, 603 S Madison, Iowa City; 319-335-5088
    • University of Northern Iowa Motor Pool, 1801 W 31st Street, Cedar Falls; 319-273-2869
    • Iowa State University Transportation Services, 919 Haber Road, Ames; 515-294-1828

Service Less Than $500 and Windshield/Glass Repairs

  • Pre-authorization is not required for services less than $500 and any windshield/glass repairs.
  • All vehicle expenses must be direct-billed per the Billing Procedures below. 
  • State drivers should not pay for service or repairs to State-owned vehicles. Vehicle expenses are not allowed on drivers’ state of Iowa Pcards or WEX fuel cards. Review the Vehicle Expense Chart for guidance.
  • The official vehicle number (normally the license plate number) must be included on all invoices.
  • For windshield/glass repair, contact the State's contracted glass vendor Kryger Glass, Safelite or a local glass repair vendor (refer to the Service Providers Map).
    • Report any glass damage to your agency Fleet Contact.
    • If visibility is impaired, call DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162 to arrange towing to the nearest glass repair vendor.  

Scheduled Maintenance or Repairs

  • State vehicles are to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for Scheduled Maintenance (previously known as preventative maintenance inspections/PMI) at the suggested odometer and/or time increments. Failure to complete recommended manufacturer’s service in a timely manner may result in voided warranties.
  • Refer to your Maintenance Schedule; please make note of vehicle specifications. If your vehicle is not included, review your owner's manual.
  • In general, oil and filter changes should be performed at these recommendations (do not exceed manufacturer’s recommendations between oil changes if the recommended distance is shorter):
    • Every 5,000 miles or 6 months with semi-synthetic oil.
    • Every 7,500 miles or 6 months with full-synthetic oil.
    • Only use semi-synthetic or full-synthetic oil for better protection of State vehicles, unless the manufacturer states otherwise.
    • Do not rely solely on oil life monitors; monitors may not adjust to the type of oil used, driving and weather conditions.

Services $500 and Greater ** PRE-AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED **

  • Services $500 or more must be pre-authorized by DAS Fleet Services. 
  • Service providers are responsible for obtaining pre-authorization from DAS Fleet Services: 515-281-3162, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday (excluding state-observed holidays).
  • Vehicle operators are not authorized to approve repairs to State vehicles or allowed to use loaner or rental vehicles from service providers without DAS Fleet Services approval.
  • State drivers should not pay for service or repairs to State-owned vehicles. Vehicle expenses are not allowed on drivers’ state of Iowa Pcards or WEX fuel cards.
  • All vehicle expenses must be direct-billed per the Billing Procedures below. 
  • A Purchase Order (P.O.) number will be provided upon agency approval.
  • The official vehicle number and P.O. number must be included on all invoices greater than $500.


  • Tires should be rotated every oil change or 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Tire rotations and repairs to existing tires do not require prior approval.
  • Tires may be replaced when tire treads reach:
    • 2/32 to 4/32 on vehicles driving in normal conditions (highway and city street driving)
    • 2/32 to 6/32 for vehicles doing specialty work or frequently driving in snow, mud and/or gravel for business purposes
  • All tires must be purchased through Bridgestone/Firestone, Goodyear or Continental vendors participating in the State’s NASPO ValuePoint master agreements. These suppliers provide service and discounted tires for State vehicles. Refer to the Tire Supplier Map for the most current list and locations.
  • All tire purchases must be pre-authorized. The vendor is responsible for obtaining approval from DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162; a manufacturer product code is required for approval of the replacement tires.
  • Tires that are removed and replaced must be disposed of by the tire vendor, unless prior approval is given by DAS Fleet Services.
  • Tires, mounting and other contract-covered tire-related services must be invoiced by the participating tire provider via the manufacturer per the NASPO ValuePoint master agreements. For account information, contact DAS Fleet Services. Other services not included in the NASPO ValuePoint master agreement such as oil changes, brake work or other repairs must be invoiced separately. (See Billing Procedures below.)
  • Independent repair shops may obtain tires from participating tire providers and charge for installation labor only. Tire providers wishing to participate in NASPO ValuePoint master agreements should contact the manufacturers directly.
  • The official vehicle number and purchase order number must be included on all tire invoices.

Towing and Roadside Assistance

  • Contracted Towing: If a vehicle is inoperable, towing vendors may be contacted directly by the vehicle's department or driver or DAS Fleet Services can assist with towing arrangements. Please call the DAS Fleet phone number: 515-281-3162 if assistance is needed.  Available towing services:
    • ​Statewide Service: Hanifen Towing (available 24/7): 800-383-3205
    • Des Moines Metro: Perry’s Service & Towing: 515-243-9273
  • Roadside Assistance for Disabled Vehicles – The State's WEX fuel card program includes disabled vehicle assistance with National Automobile Club (NAC) Fleet Rescue, who can assist with jumpstarts, lockouts, tire changes and fuel delivery.
    • Contact NAC Fleet Rescue at 866-329-3471. ​Be prepared to provide the following information:
      • Employee Name and Contact Number (reference State of Iowa)
      • Vehicle Number, Description and Location
      • Towing Destination
      • WEX Card Number if using NAC Fleet Rescue
  • SERMA – Driver resources are also available online at the State Employees Roadside Mobile Assistance website. A link can be saved to mobile devices for easy access.
  • In Emergency Situations: Local towing companies may be used but the towing company must bill the State directly. 

Accidents and Autobody Repairs ** PRE-AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED **

  • These procedures do not pertain to repairs due to accidents. Additional requirements apply.
  • For information regarding accident damage procedures, please visit the accident procedures webpage or contact DAS Fleet Risk at 515-414-6582.

Vehicle Cleaning

  • Big Deal Car Care: DAS Fleet Services has a contract with for services in the Des Moines area. Appointments may be arranged with DAS Fleet Services or Big Deal Car Care directly at 515-491-1009.
  • Mister Car Wash: If available in your area, Mister Car Wash may be used with an approved RFID sticker from DAS Fleet Services. Drivers must contact their agency's Primary Fleet Contact for more information.
  • Outside the Des Moines Metro: Car washes may be purchased on a WEX Card at participating fuel locations with wash stations. The transaction may be made at the fuel pump.

Billing Procedures

  • All invoices for vehicle expenses should be submitted to or faxed to 515-281-6140.
  • State drivers should not pay for service or repairs to State-owned vehicles. Vehicle expenses are not allowed on drivers’ State of Iowa Pcards or WEX fuel cards.  Review the Vehicle Expense Chart for guidance. 
  • All invoices must include the official vehicle number (normally the license plate number).
  • The official vehicle number and DAS Fleet Services purchase order number must be included on all invoices for tires and repairs/services greater than $500 (except glass/windshield). 
  • For new vendors, a A W9 is required before payment can be processed. Submit to
  • If you have any questions regarding the repair approval process or billing procedures, please contact DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162 or DAS Finance: 515-281-0887.

DAS Fleet Services - 109 S.E. 13th St., Des Moines, IA 50319