You may request that your employer schedule a live webcast for you and your coworkers at no cost to you or the employer.

The RIC At-A-Glance (access from your employer's webpage) is the best source for a summary of program features, benefits, and investment options. For more detailed plan information, you may

Scheduling a Presentation

Employers may request a live webcast or onsite presentation for employees. RIC will education employees on the basic features and benefits of the RIC program or, for employees nearing retirement, discuss the best way to take advantage of the contributions, investments, and payout options before and in retirement.


Employers may schedule a live online seminar by contacting Robbie Stoecker. There are two main sessions available for scheduling, RIC Basics and RIC Distributions. Employees may attend the live sessions from any computer, whether from their work site or home. Attendees view PowerPoint slides, supporting documents, and Web sites while listening to the presenter on the phone. Questions may be asked during the session.

Onsite Presentations

Employers are able to request onsite sessions in which a Retirement Benefits Educator travels to your location to present program information and answer questions. There is a cost associated with onsite sessions (request a quote).

Employers wishing to schedule a session in your area, please contact Robbie Stoecker.