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DAS Fleet Services - Maintenance and Service

All State-owned motor vehicles require routine maintenance, and at times need repairs. Contracted providers for vehicle maintenance and repairs are available for all State agencies. DAS Fleet Services also allows use of non-contracted service providers when a contracted provider is not available. If a State vehicle needs maintenance or repairs, please use a contracted provider whenever possible.

In the Des Moines Metro area: Contact DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162 to schedule maintenance for a State vehicle. Upon scheduling, the vehicle may be dropped off at DAS Fleet Services office for vendor pick up and delivery throughout the day. Service time varies but is typically completed the same day; however, same day returns are not guaranteed.

All maintenance and repairs over $300 must be approved in advance. It is the vendor's responsibility to contact DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162 for approval. 

Vehicle Towing and Disabled Vehicle Assistance

Contracted Towing - The State has contracts for towing services.  

  • Towing arrangements must be made by DAS Fleet Services: 515-281-3162  
  • If DAS Fleet Services is unavailable or after-hours service is needed, contact the vendors directly.
    • Hanifen Towing (statewide services available 24/7): 800-383-3205
    • Perry’s Service & Towing (Des Moines metro only): 515-243-9273

Contracted Disabled Vehicle Assistance – The State's WEX fuel card program includes disabled vehicle assistance with National Automobile Club (NAC) Fleet Rescue.

  • NAC Fleet Rescue can assist with jumpstarts, lockouts, tire changes, and fuel delivery.
  • Contact NAC Fleet Rescue at 866-329-3471.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Employee Name and Contact Number (reference State of Iowa)
  • Vehicle Number, Description and Location
  • Towing Destination
  • WEX Card Number if using NAC Fleet Rescue

Contact DAS Fleet Services for assistance locating a towing destination or refer to the Contracted Service Providers Map. For tires, see the Tire Suppliers Map.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

State vehicles are to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for Scheduled Maintenance at the suggested odometer and/or time increments,previously known as preventative maintenance inspections (PMI). Failure to complete recommended manufacturer’s service in a timely manner may result in voided warranties.

  • Oil and filter changes should be performed at these recommendations (do not exceed manufacturer’s recommendations between oil changes if the recommended distance is shorter):
    • Every 5,000 miles or 6 months with semi-synthetic oil or 
    • Every 7,500 miles or 6 months with full-synthetic oil 
    • Only use semi-synthetic or full-synthetic oil for better protection of State vehicles, unless the manufacturer states otherwise.
    • Do not rely solely on oil life monitors; monitors may not adjust to the type of oil used, driving and weather conditions.

Scheduled Maintenance (previously known as Preventative Maintenance Inspections) - Scheduled maintenance should be completed at the suggested odometer and/or time increments.

  • Find your Maintenance Schedule here - please make note of vehicle specifications. If your vehicle is not included, review your owner's manual.

Service Providers - DAS Fleet Services has identified qualified service providers throughout the state to service State fleet vehicles with discounts on parts and labor.  Check the Contracted Service Providers map to locate a provider in your area.

Government Facilities - The following government service facilities have agreed to provide fuel, labor and parts at competitive rates for preventative maintenance inspections and emergency repairs.

  • University of Iowa Motor Pool, 603 S Madison, Iowa City; 319-335-5088
  • University of Northern Iowa Motor Pool, 1801 W 31st Street, Cedar Falls; 319-273-2869

Direct-Billed Service Providers - Ford-Lincoln and Chrysler dealerships provide State of Iowa vehicles convenient service and integrated online billing.

Non-Contracted Service Providers - There are occasions when state drivers may need to obtain service from a business not having a contractual relationship with DAS Fleet Services, which includes General Motors dealerships and automotive parts suppliers.

Vehicle Tires

Tires shall be rotated every oil change or 5,000 to 7,500 miles and replaced when tire treads reach:

  • 2/32 to 4/32 on vehicles driving in normal conditions (highway and city street driving).
  • 2/32 to 6/32 for vehicles doing specialty work or frequently driving in snow, mud, and/or gravel for business purposes.

Contracted Tire Providers - The State has contracts with Bridgestone/Firestone and Goodyear. All tires must be purchased through a national account. 

  • Tire vendors associated with the national contract will provide service and discounted tires for State vehicles.
  • Tires that are removed and replaced must be disposed of by the tire vendor, unless prior approval is given by DAS Fleet Services.
  • Refer to the Tire Dealers Map for the most current list and locations.

Glass Repair

Contracted Glass Repair – Kryger Glass or a local glass repair vendor may fix glass damage.

  • Due to the safety concern of glass damage, no prior approval or accident report is required prior to glass repairs being completed. 
  • Use the vehicle number as your PO. Report any glass damage to your agency fleet contact.
  • If visibility is impaired, call DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162 to arrange towing to the nearest glass repair vendor.  
  • Refer to the Contracted Service Providers Map to find a provider.

Vehicle Cleaning

Contracted Vehicle Cleaning - DAS Fleet Services has a contract with Diamond Auto Detailing to provide vehicle cleaning for vehicles in the Des Moines area. You may schedule an appointment with DAS Fleet Services or with Diamond Auto Detailing at 515-282-4339.

Direct-Billed Vehicle Cleaning - If a Mister Car Wash is available in your area, they may be used for vehicle cleaning. Drivers must contact DAS Fleet Services to have their vehicle added to the account prior to use; please allow a minimum of two days.

Non-Contracted Vehicle Cleaning - Outside of the Des Moines metro, car washes may be purchased on a WEX Card at the same time as fueling. The transaction must be made at the fuel pump.

Approval & Payment

  • All maintenance and repairs over $300 must be approved in advance (except windshield repairs). It is the vendor's responsibility to contact DAS Fleet Services at 515-281-3162 for approval. 
  • All invoices must include the vehicle license plate number when submitted to DAS Finance.
  • All invoices must be processed by DAS Finance. Pcards & WEX cards cannot be used for any vehicle maintenance services. 
  • Invoices should be submitted one of the following ways:
    1. By email (preferred):
    2. By fax: 515-281-6140
    3. By mail to:

Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Attention: DAS Finance - Hoover Building, 3rd Floor
1305 E Walnut Street, Des Moines, IA 50319-0150

  • For assistance, contact:
    • DAS Fleet Services: 515-281-3162
    • DAS Finance: 515-281-0887

DAS Fleet Services - 109 S.E. 13th St., Des Moines, IA 50319