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Benefits after leaving employment

Now that you have left State of Iowa employment, your participation in the State’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program has changed.

If you are retiring and have health FSA, you can prepay for the remainder of the year with your final paycheck (Prepayment Form). This allows you to incur claims through the remainder of the year. You do not have the ability to carry over funds to the following year however.

How long may I incur claims?

Health FSA
You may incur claims* through the end of the month in which you last made an FSA contribution. For instance, if you terminated employment at the end of June and your last contribution is made in July, you may incur claims through the end of July. The only exception is if you made arrangements prior to retirement to prepay for the remainder of the year. In such case, you may incur claims through the end of the calendar year.

*Incurring claims means receiving an eligible service or good, such as going to the doctor or buying prescription medicine.

Dependent Care FSA
You may incur claims to the extent of your contributions if you are working elsewhere or are looking for work.


How may I submit claims?

Mobile:  App may be downloaded from Google Play store or the App Store

Fax:  877-879-9038 Online

Mail:  ASIFlex, PO Box 6044, Columbia, MO 65205

What is the filing deadline?

Claims must be submitted by April 15th of the following year after you leave state employment.

What about carryover funds?

FSA coverage ends at the end of the month in which you leave state employment.

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Benefits After Leaving Employment