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PDQ Download Instructions

Opening Interactive Forms

Note: Chrome users will receive the following message if the new version of an interactive form is opened within the Chrome browser:

Please wait... If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document.

Interactive PDFs, like the latest version of the PDQ, will not open correctly in Google Chrome's built-in PDF viewer and must be opened in Adobe Acrobat. To open PDFs automatically in Adobe Acrobat from your Chrome window:

  • You must first ensure that Adobe Acrobat is set as your default system viewer for .pdf files. If you need help changing your default application, please contact the OCIO Service Desk. (Note: Alternatively, you may instead download the file, right click on it, select "Open with," and select Adobe Acrobat from the available options; however, you would need to do this each and every time.)
  • Now when you receive a PDF in an email and you click download, when you click the ^ next to the file name at the bottom of your browser window, you have an option to click “Open with System Viewer.” The "system viewer" referred to here is different than the built-in Chrome PDF viewer. Opening a downloaded PDF file in the system viewer will open the PDF in your Adobe Acrobat viewer so long as it is set as the default viewer for files with the .pdf file extension. The downloaded file remains in your Chrome downloads folder, and you can save it there after you edit it, or to any file folder location you prefer.

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