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Capitol Complex Walking Paths

Capitol Complex Walking Paths

State of Iowa employees and the public are invited to take a step in joining a new initiative to get walking on the Iowa Capitol Complex. The Iowa Department of Administrative Services and the Iowa Department of Public Health have partnered to identify walking routes of various lengths so the more than 3,500 employees who work on the Complex can easily identify a path to enjoy a stroll or a brisk walk. Estimated times assigned to each path also make it easy to plan how to fit a walk into the day.  The Iowa Capitol Complex offers beautiful views, history, and a chance to get moving and feel fit. Check out the map below to decide your best path in experiencing what the Complex has to offer while enjoying some fresh air.

2018 Capitol Complex Walking Events

To support the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative, DAS and IDPH 
scheduled Complex walking events at 
11:30 a.m. on the third Tuesday throughout the year!    

  January 16       July 17    
        February 20   August 21  
  March 20   September 18  
  April 17   October 16  
  May 15   November 20  
  June 12*   December 18  
  1 week early in June      

Employees on the Complex are encouraged to meet at the  walking path sign closest to their building to walk along the 1.4 mile red route. The walking events allow participants to enjoy the Capitol’s historic monuments or graze among Mobile Food Vendors over their lunch break. 

Benefits of Walking

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says walking briskly for two-and-a-half hours each week helps you meet the official Physical Activity Guidelines. Even breaking up your walks into shorter increments helps you gain health benefits. Walking also helps you maintain a healthy weight and can prevent or manage various
conditions including heart disease and blood pressure.*

Walking Path Routes

The Walking Map shows nine routes varying in distance from .4 to 1.4 miles. Employees and the public can take advantage of these convenient walking options which can be completed within ten to 30 minutes depending upon the route you choose. Signs with the paths are posted near the entrances of facilities on the Complex. To locate a walking path sign click the link – walking path sign locations.

Printable Iowa Capitol Complex Walking Paths Map

Printable 2018 Capitol Complex Walking Path Events

* Source - Centers for Disease Control

For more information about the Walking Paths, please contact Amy Liechti at 515/422-7156 or

Iowa Department of Administrative Services
1305 E. Walnut St.
Des Moines, IA 50319