Fixed Rate Accounts

Updated 07/01/2021

A fixed rate account is an investment option that provides guarantee of principal and periodically adjusted fixed rates of return. Principal and earnings in these fixed rate accounts are guaranteed by the provider (see additional limited guarantee). Contact the providers directly for the most accurate rate information.

(through 07/2021)
Horace Mann
(through 12/2021)
(through 12/2021)
(through 12/2021)
Current Rate 2.00% 2.35% 2.50% 2.50%
2021 Minimum Rate** 2.00% 1.00% 2.50% 2.50%

*  Empower - formerly MassMutual Retirement

**Contract minimum rates are guaranteed under service contracts with each provider. Rates may change with future contract terms.



Additional limited guarantee

If your insurance company fails, the maximum amount of protection provided by Iowa Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association (FAQ) for fixed accounts that are guaranteed by general assets of the insurance company is $250,000. This is the case for fixed accounts offered by AIG, Horace Mann, Empower (formerly MassMutual Retirement), and Voya

With regards to funds held in an insolvent insurance company’s separate account, loss of those funds would not be covered by the Guaranty Association. It should be recognized that funds in the insolvent insurance company's separate account are not subject to the claims of the insolvent insurer’s creditors, and therefore it is anticipated the values in that account would not be affected by the insolvency of the insurer. A separate account may increase and decrease in value because of the performance of an external reference or product, but it is not affected by the solvency of the insurer’s general account. This is the case for separate accounts offered by Horace Mann.