The Accounts Payable team processes invoices for payment to vendors that do business with DAS. Accounts Payable also researches vendor inquiries, verifies payment processing codes, and ensures compliance with State Accounting Policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I check on the status of payment on my invoice?

Q2: How long does it take to receive my payment from the state?

  • A2: The time may vary depending on the complexity of your claim or event that occurred, but for the most part claims are processed and paid within 60 days.

Q3: How do I become a registered vendor for the state?

  • A3: To become a registered vendor with the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, you must complete three forms:
  1. Vendor Registration form
  2. Federal Identification W-9 form
  3. Commodities and Professional Services selection list

See Vendor Registration Process and Forms for complete information on the process and to access the forms.

Q4: Does the State pay sales tax?

  • A4: According to Section 423.3(31) of the Iowa Code, purchases of tangible personal property and services by the State of Iowa for public purposes and all sales of goods, wares, or merchandise and services sold to and used by the State of Iowa for public purposes are exempt from the state sales and use taxes.

Accounts Payable Contacts

DAS Service Personnel Contact Phone Number
Accounts Payable Supervisor Pam Sullivan 515-281-0887

Infrastructure/Construction related obligations -
Specific questions related to projects should be directed to the Project Manager
Mirela Jusic 515-281-5062

Mail invoices to:

Iowa Department of Administrative Services
3rd Floor - Finance, Hoover Building
1305 E Walnut Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0104
Fax (515) 281-6140
(515) 281-0887