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Before you select a provider, visit your employer's plan details page to see which of the providers below are available in your plan. Enrollment is generally open year-round. The first step to enrollment is to select a RIC investment provider. The provider you choose has everything you need to open your accounts and begin payroll deductions. Each provider's enrollment options are shown below. For a program summary, including a list of all fund options in your plan, view the RIC At-A-Glance available from your employer's plan details page.

Non-State Public Employers

Enrollment Options  (Formerly VALIC)      

Online Enroll online (457b/401a)  

 Enroll online

  (Not available)    Enroll online (457b/401a) 
In person (request meeting) Email AIG
Area agent list
  Email Horace Mann  
Area agent list 
  Email MassMutual 
Area agent list
  Email Voya 
Request agent info)
Over the phone 800-945-6763   844-895-0980   (Not available)   800-555-1970
Print forms Print forms (457b/401a)   Print forms   Print forms   Forms available on request
Request information 800-945-6763   877-602-1870   800-743-5274   800-555-1970