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Outdated Warrants

Disposition of Unclaimed Property 

attention  Chapter 556.2C.2. of the Code of Iowa states, "An agreement to pay compensation to recover or assist in the recovery of an outstanding warrant made within twenty-four months after the date the warrant is canceled is unenforceable. However, an agreement made after twenty-four months from the date the warrant is canceled is valid if the fee or compensation agreed upon is not more than fifteen percent of the recoverable property, the agreement is in writing and signed by the payee, and the writing discloses the nature and value of the property and the name and address of the person in possession. This subsection does not apply to a payee who has a bona fide fee contract with a practicing attorney regulated under chapter 602, article 10." 

State of Iowa Outdated Warrants

FY2018 - FY2023 Outdated Warrants
FY18 Outdated Warrants
FY19 Outdated Warrants
FY20 Outdated Warrants
FY21 Outdated Warrants
FY22 Outdated Warrants
FY23 Outdated Warrants

Outdated Warrant information is available for five fiscal years. See the Code of Iowa, Chapter 25.2. for more details.

Information & Assistance

If you require additional information regarding Outdated Warrants, you must contact the issuing department included in the Outdated Warrants report. Departments are listed by number. To determine the department a number is assigned to, see the example below of the department number location within the reports. 
dept example

Department Numbers & Names

The Search for Department Name by Number drop-down list will assist in determining the name of the issuing department. Scroll through the list to locate the department number with its matching name.


Department Contact Information

State of Iowa Department and Contact Information - Search phone numbers and email addresses by name

note Note:  Department numbers with corresponding names may also be viewed in the table located
on the Warrant Payment Resources webpage.