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DAS Fleet Services - Fueling

State Fuel Island

The State fuel island at 301 E. 7th St dispenses E10 and E85 fuel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fuel dispensed at the State fuel island does not include federal and state motor fuel taxes ($.38 per gallon).

E-85 Stations

For a list of WEX-accepting stations, see the statewide E85 Stations map

E-85 Pricing

Q: Why does ethanol cost more than unleaded gasoline at some stations?

A: More and more states - especially those on the east and west coasts - are switching from MTBE to ethanol. This "pressure" on the supply is causing ethanol prices to climb, even though the supply is currently meeting the demand. Retailers without contracts in place are subject to these higher prices, which are then passed onto the consumer. To find stations with lower prices, consumers are encouraged to shop around as it is likely that other stations in the community will be selling ethanol at a lower price.

We will continue to keep you informed of news relative to new stations and discounted pricing.