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Computer Training - PKS Online Courses

PDS Performance & Development Solutions

Whether you are looking for quick refresher in Microsoft Office or a high skilled technical course, PDS is the source for your computer training needs.

Premier Knowledge Solutions (PKS) Online Courses

PKS is a St. Louis-based Innovative information Technology computer training company and partners with Microsoft and Comp TIA. PKS offers a large variety of classes both Business and Computer oriented, and has over 80 years of collective experience.

You can take as few as 5 courses or you can sign up for the entire library. The cost associated with E-learning is as follows:

Non Participating Member:                               Participating Member:

5 Courses= $94.00                                               5 Courses= $46.88
10 Courses= $119.00                                           10 Courses= $56.88
20 Courses= $149.00                                           20 Courses= $71.88
30 Courses= $173.00                                           30 Courses= $80.71
40 Courses= $193.00                                           40 Courses= $86.15
50 Courses= $215.00                                           50 Courses= $92.50
60 Courses= $240.00                                                    60 Courses= $102.99
Over 60 Courses= $291.00                                        Over 60 Courses= $139.00

After you sign up for E-learning you are given one year to complete your courses.


PKS Course Offerings    **Updated as of April 6, 2018**

IT Skills and Business & Professional Courses with descriptions by PKS 

Additional Desktop Computer Courses with descriptions