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Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa

If you are a Medicare-eligible State of Iowa retiree enrolled in either Iowa Choice or National Choice, you have the option of coordinating pharmacy benefits with one particular Part D plan called Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa. This coordination between MedicareBlue Rx and Wellmark results in a reduction in the monthly premiums for Iowa Choice or National Choice. 

Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa Application

Group MedicareBlue Rxsm Application (for Iowa Choice and National Choice)
Group MedicareBlue Rxsm Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form

Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa Coordination with Wellmark

When you enroll in Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa, Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa becomes the primary payor for prescription drugs and Iowa Choice or National Choice is the secondary payor. 

When you enroll in Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa you will not notice any difference in your prescription drug coverage. You will still pay your prescription copayments according to your Wellmark plan, like you always have.

You will have two ID cards - Wellmark and Group MedicareBlue Rx. You will use the Group MedicareBlue Rx ID card in addition to your Wellmark ID card at the pharmacy. You must show both of these identification cards at the pharmacy for claims to be filed correctly. Tell your pharmacist to file your claim under the Group MedicareBlue Rx card first, and then under your State of Iowa Wellmark plan card. Under the coordinated pharmacy benefits, Group MedicareBlue Rx will pay your claims as primary and the State of Iowa's Wellmark plan will pay as secondary. You need to make sure your pharmacy files your claims this way in order to receive the correct State of Iowa plan copayments.

If you are not charged your usual copay amount, the pharmacist may not have filed your prescription to both cards.

Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa Premium

The 2018 Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa premium is $100.20 per month* per Medicare-eligible individual.

*Since January 1, 2011, higher-income beneficiaries will pay an additional amount to Social Security/Medicare for your Medicare Part D coverage.  This amount is based on your income and will be deducted from your Social Security check or you get a paper bill if you do not receive Social Security benefits.  Less than 5% of people with Medicare are affected, so most people will not pay this extra amount.  Consult Social Security if you have questions regarding the amount you will pay.

Group MedicareBlue Rx Iowa Customer Service

Once you are enrolled in Group MedicareBlue Rx, you can can contact their customer service area at 877.838.3827 (toll-free) with any questions you may have.

For More Information

Contact the Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Enterprise at 866.895.2464 or email if you have any questions or need additional information.