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Elect Payroll Deductions for RIC 457

Payroll deduction elections to the RIC 457 plan are made in Workday. We no longer process payroll change requests submitted on the RIC Account Form.

Please note: If you are requesting a final check payroll deduction, do not make the election in Workday. Complete and submit the RIC Special Deduction Request form.

To make a payroll deduction election for RIC, please log into Workday and follow these steps. View this video demonstration.

  1. On your Workday Home Page in the Applications section, select the Benefits Worklet
  2. Under Change, select Retirement Savings
  3. Under Retirement Savings Elections, click the Edit button
  4. In the Benefit Event Date field, leave the date as the current date 
  5. Click Continue and click Continue again
  6. Click either Enroll or Manage, whichever is applicable
  7. On the Plans Available screen, click the Select radio button next to the Benefit Plan election that includes the correct: Provider name, How you want your deduction taxed (Pretax or Roth), and Payroll frequency
  8. Select Confirm and Continue
  9. In Contribution Type, select either Amount or Percentage
  10. In Contribution, enter either a flat dollar or percent of gross pay that you want deducted from your check
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Review
  13. Click Submit
  14. Click Done