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Online Payroll Warrant

Information Available in Online Payroll Warrants

The Iowa Online Payroll Warrant report contains information regarding an employee's wage payments, deductions and State share amounts paid on behalf of the employee, leave accruals, usages, balances, and tax status information. In addition, employees are able to easily access payroll warrant details for the previous and current calendar years.

This electronic document replaces the paper "pay stub". The Online Payroll Warrant information is accessed through a secure web site and is accessible only by the employee who must enter their user ID and password to view the report.

Online Payroll Warrant News

The Iowa Online Payroll Warrant News webpage is your source of communication from Centralized Payroll. It provides information regarding everything that impacts payroll and is the first webpage a State of Iowa Employee views after logging into the Iowa Online Payroll Warrant.

Employees are encouraged to log into the Online Payroll Warrant on a biweekly basis to receive all News information.

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