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Pcard Exception Request Form

** For Agency Pcard Coordinator Use Only ** 

To request an exception to State of Iowa policy or procedures for Pcard or Travel Card use, please complete the form below including:

  • the specific policy or procedure for which the exception is being sought

  • justification (a description of the situation and business necessity)  

  • the petitioning Agency Director's name or Designee's name (who authorized the request) 

Note: Only Exception Requests submitted by the Agency Pcard Coordinator (or designated back-up in the Coordinator's absence) will be accepted. 

Please contact us with any questions:
Jacquie Holm-Smith, State Pcard Program Manager, 515-725-2892 or 515-446-1405
Barbara Sullivan, State Pcard Program Specialist, 515-281-5922

Or email:


Please enter the last 4 digits of the card number.
Please specify the policy or procedure for which the exception is being sought.
Please explain the business reason or justification for this exception.
Please type the name of the Agency Director or Designee authorizing this request.
Please enter your name (the Pcard Coordinator or designated back-up submitting this request).