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Sole Source Procurement Justification Form

See Administrative rules Chapter 11 — 117 for detailed information regarding 'sole source and emergency procurement'.

A sole source procurement shall be avoided unless clearly necessary and justifiable. The DAS director or designee may exempt the purchase of goods from competitive selection processes when the purchase qualifies as a sole source procurement as a result of the following circumstances:

  1. One vendor is the only one qualified or eligible or is quite obviously the most qualified or eligible to provide the good; or
  2. The procurement is of such a specialized nature or related to a specific geographic location that only a single source, by virtue of experience, expertise, proximity, or ownership of intellectual property rights, could most satisfactorily provide the good; or
  3. Applicable law requires, provides for, or permits use of a sole source procurement; or
  4. The federal government or other provider of funds for the goods being purchased (other than the state of Iowa) has imposed clear and specific restrictions on the use of the funds in a way that restricts the procurement to only one vendor; or
  5. The procurement is an information technology device that is systems software or an upgrade, or compatibility is the overriding consideration, or the procurement would prevent voidance or termination of a warranty, or the procurement would prevent default under a contract or other obligation.

Agency department directors approve all sole source or emergency requests for services. Sole source procurements for IT goods and services are to be submitted to OCIO. Please do so at the following link: .

Posting Requirement for Sole Source contracts

All sole source procurement requests must be posted on the Targeted Small Business (TSB) bid opportunities website for a period of forty-eight (48) hours prior to submitting to Central Procurement Bureau. The purpose of this posting is to comply with Targeted Small Business Notification set forth in IAC 117.8(2).

Although not required by IAC, DAS-CPB recommends to post sole-source requests on the bid opportunities website; . Advertising to the vendor community is procurement best practice as sourcing markets constantly change. Please note that upon CPB receipt of a sole-source request, it will be reviewed and if additional sources for the procurement are known, the requestor will be contacted.

All fields are required.

To be completed by Requesting Agency

Provide the dates the sole source request appeared on the TSB website.

To be completed by Requesting Agency

Basic Details
Provide the dates the sole source request appeared on the TSB website.
Agency or Director
If yes, please explain the nature of the employment and period of service.
If yes, please describe the item(s) provided and the amount agreed to be paid.

Your information will be sent to:
Dept of Administrative Services
Central Procurement Bureau
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