Procurement Project Management

Event Description: 

PDS Performance & Development Solutions


  Course Number: PR 301     Scheduled Sessions:
  Cost Per Person: $227/Participating Agency, $254/Non-Participating    

Dates TBD - will be offering

one per quarter 


  Eligibility: Level A/Level 1 and above
  Instructor: Cue/Waugh
  Length: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
  Certificate Series: Procurement Recertification

Des Moines, Hoover State Office Building, Level A


Procurement Project Management is a recertification class presented by DAS –Central Procurement which we encourage you to take in order to maintain your procurement authority as provided under 11IAC 117.15(2) Agency direct purchasing-advanced level.  The class is designed to provide you tips , as well as honed tricks to effectively juggle your procurement projects, people, and goals. 


This interactive class will walk you through a procurement project from conception to conclusion in a manner that will increase your chances at meeting your agency’s needs and expectations. 


Procurement Project Management is a specialized skillset that includes coordination, communication, and execution. 



  • identify the risks 

  • juggle multiple projects

  • handle tight deadlines and noncompliant vendors

  • manage your costs

  • manage the overall goal of the project

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