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PDS Class Offerings


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              JUNE 2021


          FY22 COMING SOON!  


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Class Spotlight: Upcoming Training & Development Opportunities

June 1st  8:30am - 4:30pm June 2nd  8:30am - 12:30pm June 3rd  8:30am - 4:30pm

Budgeting is an integral part of most management decisions and is the cornerstone of management and government performance. This course provides managers with a basic understanding of the budgetary process as well as understanding the fundamentals of the statutory framework that agencies must work within as they strive to sustain their core services.

This course is designed for all state employees. Participants will learn skills to enable them to be a more productive team-player.  This course focuses on providing participants with practical skills and strategies to positively affect both their current team and any future teams in which they may participate. Also discussed will be how to influence and engage others.
This course is designed for all employees. The focus of this course is to review the importance of overall professional impressions in terms of being positive and proactive, accountable, cooperative and other success factors. Participants will assess themselves against these success factors and build out an action plan to achieve their personal goals.

June 9th  8:30am - 4:30pm June 16th  8:30am - 4:30pm June 22nd& 23rd  8:30am - 4:30pm

 This course designed for those who lead teams and focuses on two aspects of building teams. First, learn how to create the feeling of teamwork and second, how to build an effective, focused, and productive work team.  Learn strategies to build camaraderie among team members and develop the attributes of a high-functioning, high-performing team, where all members work toward a common goal.

Improved listening means better job efficiency and productivity. Most employees spend over 50% of their day listening. Accurate listening and retention skills are crucial to help manage the amount of information we receive daily. You will practice practical techniques to improve your listening skills.


Designed specifically for those who are actively managing projects, this class is a deep dive into the processes, knowledge areas, inputs, and outputs you need to know about to manage projects more effectively. You’ll learn about the constants – those fundamentals of project management that hold true regardless of the scope or nature of the project – plus you’ll be exposed to some of the most common reasons project approaches vary. 


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PDS On-Demand Course Offerings

The following courses are offered at no cost for participating State Agencies.

Staff interested in completing the courses can log into the State of Iowa LMS to access the E-Learnings.  

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COVID-19 Training & Resources

Free informational training course on COVID-19

COVID-19: What You Need to Know

For More Information:

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