Agencies served by DAS Human Resources Associates

Agency Human Resources Associate
Administrative Services, Department of [DAS] Meagnon Wilson (interim)
Aging, Iowa Department on [IDA] Marsha Webb
Blind, Department for the [IDB] Jennifer Walker
Board of Educational Examiners [BOEE] Marsha Webb (interim)
Commerce - Alcoholic Beverages Division [ABD] Jennifer Walker (interim)
Commerce - Iowa Utilities Board [IUB] Marsha Webb
Cultural Affairs, Department of [DCA] Marsha Webb
Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board [IECDB] Meagnon Wilson (interim)
Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy [ODCP] Meagnon Wilson
Homeland Security and Emergency Management [HSEMD] Amy Brown
Human Services, Department of [DHS]
     Central Office
     Centralized Service Delivery Area
     Cedar Rapids Service Delivery Area
     Des Moines Service Delivery Area
     Western Service Delivery Area
     Child Support Recovery Unit and Eastern Service Delivery Area
     Northern Service Delivery Area, Targeted Case Management
Amy Brown
Casie Voelker (interim)
Amy Brown (interim)
Casie Voelker (interim)
Jennifer Walker
Marsha Webb
Casie Voelker
Iowa Civil Rights Commission [ICRC] Jennifer Walker (interim)
Iowa College Student Aid Commission [ICSAC] Meagnon Wilson
Iowa Communications Network [ICN] Marsha Webb
Iowa Economic Development Authority [IEDA] Amy Brown
Iowa Finance Authority [IFA] Amy Brown
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy [ILEA] Casie Voelker
Iowa Public Information Board [IPIB] Meagnon Wilson (interim)
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services [IVRS] Jennifer Walker
Iowa Workforce Development [IWD] Cory Shook
Office of the Chief Information Officer [OCIO] Cory Shook
Revenue, Iowa Department of [IDR] Meagnon Wilson (interim)
Secretary of State [SOS] Meagnon Wilson