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HRExpress December 2018 PDF  
Important Announcement About Your 2018 W-2 and 1095 Forms December 2018
New Wellmark ID Card Coming Soon to Your Mailbox  December 2018
Purchase Health Flexible Spending Account Items Online December 2018
Upcoming Benefit Education Presentations  December 2018
IPERS’ “Ready, Set, Retire” Workshops Scheduled December 2018
Investment Risk: Fixed Rates vs. Variable Rates December 2018
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Online Seminars December 2018
Iowa Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Consortium Receives Continued Accreditation December 2018
Keep Your Work/People Skills Up To Date with PDS Training December 2018

Archived Topics


Benefit Education

The benefit education calendar is at

Flexible Spending

Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Carryover Balances November 2018
Health FSA Eligible Claims July 2018
News on Carryover Dollars for your Health FSA  September 2018

Health Insurance 

Doctor On Demand February 2018
Have you registered for Doctor On Demand™? September 2018
Mail Order Prescription Benefit February 2018
myWellmark® Care Finder February 2018
Preventive Cancer Screenings Are Covered Under State of Iowa Health Insurance July 2018
Preventive Health Care at No Cost to You April 2018
Save Time and Money on Your Healthcare August 2018
Sick or Injured? Now What? A Comprehensive Guide on Where to Get Care April 2018
Simplify Your Paperwork with Online EOBs July 2018
Traveling and Your Health Care Coverage June 2018
Wellmark and CVS Address Opioid Management Issue April 2018

Life Insurance

Managing Your Life Insurance Beneficiaries Is Simple in IowaBenefits August 2018

Retirement Savings

Automatic Roth Investing June 2018
Can I Roll Over Funds Into My RIC Account? August 2018
Choosing a Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) Provider November 2018
Increasing your RIC Contribution Can Make a Big Impact July 2018
Sign Up Any Time for Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) September 2018
Tax Credit for RIC Savers  April 2018


DAS Honored for Safety Efforts by Iowa-Illinois Safety Council June 2018

Training (PDS)

Browse the PDS website for details on all the PDS offerings.   
Advance Your Knowledge with PDS Certificates February 2018
Certified Public Manager® Program (CPM) April 2018

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