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Design/Space Planning/Moving FAQ

Q1: How much advance notification does Department of Administrative Services (DAS) require when an agency determines that additional space is necessary, due to program expansion and/or hiring additional employees?

A1: DAS should be notified prior to requesting additional staff through the budget process. Early notification allows DAS to provide you with more options and alternatives to meet your new space requirements.

Q2: How long does the average move take?

A2:Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience and disruption of the agency being moved. In a major move, the average time the agency is out of service is between one and three days.

Q3: How does the move process actually begin?

A3:The move process begins when you submit a Request for Service form to DAS. Our department's space planner will then contact your agency for an initial planning conference.

Q4: How do we determine the amount of square footage required for the additional staff? How do we determine the size of offices, conference rooms, storage rooms, etc.?

A4:DAS has developed guidelines and standards to achieve the most effective and cost efficient use of space. A copy of the Space Standards can be obtained by visiting our website: or e-mail: Barbara Bendon.

Q5: Who will assist my department in developing and designing a new space plan?

A5:DAS will complete your design in-house or assist your agency with selecting a vendor to design an acceptable and efficient floor plan.

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Q6: Are there any additional guidelines, regulations or restrictions that must be observed as we develop our floor plan?

A6:Fire regulations, federal and state safety standards and Americans with Disabilities regulations will dictate specific requirements that must be considered in configuring your floor plan.

Q7: How do we determine our modular furniture needs?

A7:After you have approved your new floor plan, an inventory of your existing furniture will be compared to the new design to determine additional furniture requirements.

Q8: How does my department purchase modular furniture?

A8:Modular furniture must be purchased through Iowa Prison Industries (IPI). DAS will assist in coordinating the acquisition and installation of your new furniture to ensure an efficient move.

Q9: How will we determine our needs for new electrical connections, as well as our data and communication requirements?

A9:DAS will work closely with a representative from your department, the Iowa Communications Network and private vendors to ensure your new requirements have been addressed and met.

Q10: Who will move our file cabinets, equipment, and furnishings? Who will break down and set up our modular furniture?

A10:The vendor contracted to move your department is also responsible for dismantling and erecting existing and new furniture. DAS coordinates all moving activities.

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