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Investment Providers

Each investor is unique in terms of their investment style, goals, and experience. As an RIC participant, you choose the provider, investment mix, and services that meet your needs.


Core Providers

Core providers are Horace Mann, MassMutual, VALIC, and Voya. These providers successfully proposed investment products for 2016 and beyond meeting requirements of a public competitive RFP (Request for Proposal), including RIC’s Investment Policy. You may view the Core Provider 403b At-A-Glance for a list of funds and the Core Provider Product Fees for additional information.

RIC core providers offer diversified investments (see types of investments), online account access, and retirement planning tools. RIC core providers offer advisor services at no additional cost to help you evaluate the investment options and determine an investment mix best suited for your savings goals and tolerance for risk. There are no annual contract fees, M&E fees, or penalties for asset transfers between core providers or investments.

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Old product: 800-528-9009

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Optional Providers

Optional providers are AXA Equitable, EFS Advisors, and Security Benefit. These providers successfully submitted investment products that meet mandatory plan requirements through the ITQ process. See the Optional Provider 403b RIC At-A-Glance for a summary of the program and product information.

Optional provider product disclosure:  RIC does not monitor optional provider investment offerings or negotiate optional provider fees, penalties, or restrictions. It is your employer's option to allow optional provider products in your plan. If you are interested in participating with an optional provider, ask your employer if the optional providers are available in your plan. Optional provider product terms, fees, and restrictions are available from the provider upon request.


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