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Continuing Life Insurance

When you leave state employment, you may be able continue your life insurance coverage by either porting or converting your coverage.  

The Standard's Portability and Conversion Guidelines for the State of Iowa PDF 


When you leave state employment prior to the age of 80 or you are no longer eligible for life insurance because of a reduction in your hours, you may be able to continue your life insurance through a portability provision. In order to port you:

  • Must be capable of active work
  • Must be under the age of 80
  • Must have been continuously insured under the State of Iowa's group for at least 12 consecutive months


You can also continue your life insurance coverage by converting your group term life insurance to an individual whole life policy.

AD&D Insurance Continuation

You can port, but not convert, your AD&D coverage. 

You are responsible for submitting the form to The Standard for continuation of life or AD&D insurance and submitting any required information directly to them.

If you have questions about continuing your life or AD&D insurance coverage, your eligibility, or the status of any request you have submitted, please contact The Standard at 844-450.5547.