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Substance Abuse Policy

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PDS Performance & Development Solutions

  Course Number: MTS SA 001     Scheduled Sessions:
  Cost Per Person: No Charge/Participating Agency, $42/Non-Participating    

This course is available through On-Demand at no charge for participating State agencies. Contact your training liaison to have the course information e-mailed to you.  At the completion of the course, email your completed certificate to The course will then be added to your training history.

  Eligibility: Supervisors/Managers & Advanced Leaders
  Instructor: PDS
  Length: 1 Hour
  Certificate Series: Advanced Leadership Development Certificate


This course, designed for all managers and supervisors, focuses on the State of Iowa policy on substance abuse and discusses measures to take for violations of the policy. The course reviews national substance abuse trends, tests participant’s knowledge regarding substance use and abuse, and provides managers and supervisors with information regarding workplace substance abuse situations.


  • Better understand alcohol use and substance abuse
  • Identify key components of the State of Iowa Substance Abuse Policy
  • Understand procedures for substance abuse situations